Ekwunife Congratulates Governor Adeleke On Successful Inauguration


The Senator representing Anambra Central Senatorial District, Uche Ekwunife, PhD, has congratulated Senator Ademola Adeleke on his historic inauguration as Governor of Osun State, yesterday, November 27, 2022.

Ekwunife described the emergence of Senator Adeleke as the absolute will of God which was manifested through the ballots by the good people of Osun State, noting that the state will witness transformation on all fronts through the people-centered agenda of the governor.

The federal lawmaker stated that the feat achieved by Adeleke is evidence that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is very strong in every part of the country and remains the best choice for Nigerians, adding that Adeleke is well prepared for the job.

While urging Adeleke to build upon the gains and avoid the mistakes recorded by the previous administrations, Ekwunife stated that the governor would assemble the best brains capable of driving the state on the path of shared economic prosperity.

Ekwunife charged the stakeholders and residents to rally round Senator Adeleke, irrespective of political leaning and assured that with their collective support there is no limit to what the state would achieve in the newly inaugurated administration.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation on behalf of her family and the good people of Anambra Central Senatorial District congratulated Governor Adeleke, his deputy governor, Kola Adewusi, and the good people of Osun on the seamless transition of power.

Academic Staff Union of Nigeria Universities (ASUU) has alerted Nigerians about a fresh crisis it claimed would surpass all previous ones in Nigerian universities.


Academic Staff Union of Nigeria Universities (ASUU) has alerted Nigerians about a fresh crisis it claimed would surpass all previous ones in Nigerian universities.

To this end, ASUU sought intervention of stakeholders and well meaning Nigerians to prevail on the federal government to pay members across the country their withheld eight months salaries.

The chairman of ASUU, University of Ilorin branch, Prof Moyosore Ajao, raised the alarm at a special congress of the local branch held at the university’s main auditorium.

The university’s lecturers had staged a solidarity rally within the campus before retiring to the auditorium where they addressed the newsmen on: “Casualisation of Intellectual Workers In Nigeria: Prelude To Our Response”.

He said, “Though we have resumed work in our university, government’s ignoble stance of withholding our eight months’ salaries based on its ill-advised policy of ‘No work, No Pay’ is set to trigger fresh crisis.

“In the coming days, the union would respond by considering to invoke the ‘No Pay, No work’ policy and would abandon the works that have accumulated for those period which government has falsely claimed, through Chris Ngige, that our members have not worked.”

He said members of the public are “put on notice again that a fresh crisis, which would surpass all previous ones, is looming in Nigerian universities, saying the union members would not continue to do free work.

He added, “Our union and its members should not be held responsible for the consequences that its actions, in response to the crude wickedness of the Nigerian state, would have on all stakeholders.

“As a law-abiding union, we have heeded the directive of the court which directed that we resume to our duty posts while the substantive matter is being heard. However, after resumption from strike and to our utmost dismay, government decided, that half salaries be paid to our members for the month of October, 2022. This development is unacceptable and would be resisted by our union.

“The fact is that academics are not casual workers. Only casual workers receive pay prorate”

Sine That Show She Is Not Unto You



 If you feel like your relationship may be on the rocks, look for certain warning signs to see how she feels about you. What women say, how they act, and when they see you all can give insights to their feelings. Take note of the small things and step back to observe the whole picture and you’ll get a reading on your relationship that will show red flags or a green light;

1. Observe her body position when she is with you. A closed body position is one where her body is pointing away from you, her arms are crossed, or she is hunched over to take up less space. Sine

Closing her body position sends signals that she is uncomfortable or nervous about something. If she is doing this consistently in a relationship, it may be a sign she's not that into you.

If your girlfriend used to stand close to you with her arms down or on her hips, but now she turns away and crosses her arms when you talk, she is telling you that she isn’t interested in talking anymore.

If she conveys closed body language every time you are together, it is probably time to rethink your relationship because she might be wanting to end it.

2. Study her eye contact. Eye contact is an important factor in body language and can convey a person’s emotions. If your girlfriend keeps her eyes locked onto yours while you talk then no problem, but if you find her avoiding eye contact, something may be wrong.

If she darts her eyes around, looking at many different things while you talk to her, it might also be a sign that she isn’t enjoying the conversation or being with you.

3. Notice how much she touches you. Physical touch is one way that girls use to flirt with and show interest in a guy. Things like putting her hand on your chest, holding your hand, or brushing her fingers through your hair all show that she is interested in you.

If your relationship started with a lot of physical touch from you, but now she hardly gives any at all, it could be time to talk to her about where the relationship is going.A change in the amount of public displays of affection, like holding hands, can also be a warning sign.When a girl isn’t interested in a guy anymore, she might stop touching him all together and go out of her way to avoid any sort of physical touch.

4. Observing Actions on Dates. Keep track of how often she cancels plans or is too busy to go out.Cancelling plans is a red flag that something may

One Southwest APC State That PDP Might Take Over In 2023 Election


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) may take over another prominent southwestern state that used to belong to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the year 2023 election as things in the state have been favouring the opposition party in the last few months. The opposition party used to struggle in the state in the past but things may take another form and style in the upcoming presidential election in the year 2023.

Osun State is the state that the All Progressives Congress (APC) may not be able to reclaim in the year 2023 presidential election. This is because of the fact that the ruling party has lost its governorship seat in Osun State in the hands of Senator Ademola Adeleke who is from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The power of incumbency that has shifted into the position of the opposition party will not allow the ruling party to perform satisfactorily in the upcoming presidential election.

The fact that the governor-elect of the state, Senator Ademola Adeleke, is from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) serves as an indication that the chance of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to win the state in the year 2023 is limited. By the year 2023, the governor of Osun State will be from the opposition party and that will make it difficult for the presidential aspirant of the ruling party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to win the state effortlessly as it used to be in the past.

In the last presidential, the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) defeated its opponents effortlessly because the state was once one of the key states of the party alongside Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun and Ondo. Out of the key five states of the ruling party, the opposition has now taken over Osun State completely as the new governor of the state will be inaugurated today under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

What do you think about this? Share your views in the comment section.



The senator representing Anambra Central Senatorial District, Uche Ekwunife PhD this Friday alongside the State Minister for  Science and technology, Ikechukwu Ikoh and other dignitaries declared open the two days National Innovation workshop organized by the  Senate committee on Science Technology and Innovation.

The event which commenced with accreditation of over one thousand participants across the state was aimed at the Promotion of Local Inventors of Science, Technology and Innovation.

This landmark event, being the first of its kind in Anambra State and the South East region in general, was facilitated by the Distinguished Senator Uche Ekwunife for the purpose of encouraging productivity in Science and Technology in the SouthEast region and the country at large.


In her welcome address, Ekwunife who stated that development of any country depends on its innovation said the purpose of the workshop is to connect researchers, innovators and inventors across Nigeria who share in the passion to create technological solution to the myriad of socio-economic problem bedeviling Nigeria in order to transform STI sector into a viable and result oriented sector.

One of the keynote speakers, Senator Pius Ayim while applauding Ekwunife for organizing the workshop charged participants to utilize the opportunity rather than waiting for white collar jobs.

He further encouraged Government at all levels to make itself relevant and create an enabling environment for innovators to thrive.

Addressing Newsmen, Ekwunife who Chairs the Senate committee on Science, Technology and Innovation promised to make the event an annual event adding that the workshop is to support  Governor Soludo's policy on domestic products 

On his part, Governor Soludo who commended Ekwunife for bringing the  National Innovation workshop to Anambra state emphasized the need to patronize local inventors adding that it is the only way to create more wealth and grow the Nation's Economy.

While delivering his address, the Minister of State, Science and technology, Chief Ikechukwu Ikoh who extolled Ekwunife for her passion and commitment in innovation stressed that Nigeria will be great when innovation is accorded all the necessary support.

Highlights of the event include Goodwill messages from different Governors, cultural dance, Presentation of Honorary Fellow Award to senator Ekwunife by the Nigerian Institute Of Science Laboratory and Technology for her contributions to the Innovation sector, Exhibitions among others.

The event which took place at the International Convention Center Awka was graced by Governor of Anambra state professor Chukwuma Soludo,former Secretary to the state government, Pius Anyim Pius, speaker Anambra state house of Assembly Uchenna Okafor, Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa represented by his deputy, Kingsley Otuaro, Senator Kola Balogun, Traditional rulers of different communities, Presidents General of various towns among others.

Aggrieved Northern APC Christians led by Former SGF, Babachir Lawal Endorse Obi-Datti:


Aggrieved Northern APC Christians led by Former SGF, Babachir Lawal Endorse Obi-Datti:


As one of the foremost critics of APC’s single-faith presidential ticket, and also in difference to those who have patiently waited for our guidance as to where to pitch our tent, after a painstaking review and analysis of the alternative presidential tickets, we now wish to recommend the Obi/Datti presidential ticket.

We wish to briefly narrate some few reasons among many why we have endorsed this ticket and commend it to all Nigerians of good conscience who desire justice, equity and a harmonious co-existence of all Nigerians across tribes, religion and geopolitical regions. More over there is currently in circulation the fake news that I have thrown in my towel with the PDP. Nothing could be further from the truth. To me the PDP and APC are different sides of the same coin.

1 The APC same-faith is a deliberate, well-calculated plan to sow the seeds of religious and social discord among Nigerians. It is obvious that Northerners, in particular, are the intended targets and victims of this satanic plan. It is an indisputable fact that the whole of Northern Nigeria is currently mired in several intractable socio-economic problems due to the activities of several nebulous criminal groups. Agriculture, the mainstay of the northern economy, is all but abandoned because kidnappers and bandits have prevented people from venturing out of the safety of their homes. Interstate and intercity travel for either business or leisure have all but ceased not only due to un-motorable roads but more so for fear of kidnapping, armed robbery and other forms of banditry. Our rural schools have all but closed for fear of kidnappers. Government-owned universities have closed thus depriving the children of the already impoverished Northern masses access to affordable higher education. Thus, our out-of-school and idle children have become easy targets for recruitment by bandits and kidnappers. And there is no solution in sight.

Then, out of nowhere this man Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a renown Yoruba-hegemonist, a man who championed the establishment of a Ministry of Regional Integration in each state government of the South-west geopolitical region which he bestrides as an emperor, and a man who was once quoted as saying “I do not believe in one Nigeria” (THISDAY, The Sunday Newspaper, April 13, 1997, page 9) comes up with a Muslim-muslim ticket knowing fully well that religion is the underbelly of Northern Nigeria. APC’s same-faith ticket is a ploy to further sow discord among Northerners using the most potent weapon of social discord – religion. As Karl Max once said – “religion is the opium of the people”. Nigerians from all shades of the society must see this Tinubu/Kashim same-faith ticket as a proposal from the pit of hell that can only be conjured by the most Machiavellian minds known to man and therefore must be rejected wholesome by all lovers of our country and its nascent democracy.

On the other hand, Alhaji Kashim Shetima, Tinubu’s Vice Presidential running mate is a man who once said “restructuring my foot, let’s restructure our minds”. For eight years he presided over Borno State at a time when Boko Haram was overrunning the state almost at will and restructuring the minds of its victims against Christianity and western education. The kidnapped Chibok and Dapchi girls and many more are now slowly trickling out of captivity in the Boko Haram indoctrination camps fully Islamized and carrying children born into Islam in captivity – a true example of “mind restructuring” if there ever was one. There is also this little matter of an allegation of a very close relationship or otherwise between the Vice Presidential candidate of APC and Boko Haram! And, which Christian can forget one Kabiru Sokoto the alleged Boko Haram kingpin accused of complicity in the Christmas bombing of St Theresa Catholic Church, Madallah that resulted in 44 deaths and 77 injured Christian worshippers? Or that the said Kabiru Sokoto was eventually arrested at his hiding place in the Borno State Government Lodge Abuja? Are Christians not justified in being scared of a government run by these duo?

2. Surely, APC’s same-faith ticket is intended to shame Christians and bestow on them and their religion a second-class socio-political status in their own country. In particular it is a validation of the discrimination and oppression being meted out on Northern Nigerian Christians where they are now denied employment, promotion, contracts, and admission to read prestigious and marketable courses in government-owned schools simply on account of their religion. It is no wonder then that Alhaji Bola Tinubu thinks that the Bible is a book of jokes from which he can freely construct his “jokes” like his “Poisoned Holly Communion” and “Speaking in Tongues” jokes. If he is man enough, I challenge him to ridicule the Holy Quran even once as he freely does the Holy Bible. This guy has no respect for Christians and Christianity at all.

3 This APC ticket goes against the grain of Nigerian politics which in practice (if not in law) has always sought to achieve a religious balance in its politics and governance. It is worth noting that all the other seventeen political parties fielding presidential candidates have gone the way of established conventions and practices by fielding different-faith tickets. Truly except for its incitement to social disharmony, there is no sense at all in APC’s same faith ticket.

Furthermore, in our quest for justice and equity in the socio-political and religious space of the country, it is obvious that only the Obi/Datti ticket has the potential of speaking to the genuine clamor for power shift to the South-East and at the same time speak to the cry of marginalization by our people of the South-East. Obviously, a Christian/Muslim presidency like the Obi/Datti one will be most appropriate at this stage of our political journey more so since we are now transiting from a Muslim/Christian presidency. It will also achieve the regional shift of the presidency from the current NW/SW to a SE/NW presidency as popularly being canvassed . This is justice; this is equity. This is political engineering at its best and one that engineers peace and harmonious co-existence of the various socio-political and religious classes of our nation.

5 Nigerians should also resist the temptation of being ruled by the same set of courtiers who are recycling themselves, their children and their friends in a monarchal fashion, in and out of government to the exclusion of other segments of the society. This trend has resulted in these disastrous consequences in which we now find ourselves – impoverished, unsecured, divided, severely underdeveloped and massively unemployed with a widening gulf between the rich and poor of the society. A keen observer will not fall to notice that APC is a transmutation of Action Group/UPN that is dominated by the children or grandchildren of those who once run and ruined the Action Group while the PDP is a transmutation of NPC/NPN similarly dominated by the children or grandchildren of the people who once run and ruined the NPC. A government of either APC or PDP will only be a recycling of the same class of people who have been running and ruining the country from independence to date. Is it any wonder that Nigeria has remained static?

The Obi/Datti will give us breath of fresh air and the greatest opportunity to redeem our country from the quagmire into which we have been plunged by a recurring group of self-centred reactionaries.

6 There is a also this palpable fear and anxiety over a possible transition of the current presidency from one Fulbe to another – same tribe, same religion, same region, same courtiers. This has given rise to a heightened fear of a possible perpetuation of a Fulbe hegemony in the country. Besides, there is the perception by many Nigerians that the Fulbe are the main actors in the banditry and kidnappings currently ravaging the country. Therefore, there is a widespread perception that another Fulbe-led government will not have the inclination or political will to address the country’s security challenges seeing as a majority of the perpetrators are its kindred.

There is also this perception that appointments by the current government are driven more by ethnic and religious cronyism than by Nationalistic considerations. This has given rise to a fear of a possible perpetuation of this trend by another Fulbe-led government. Both APC and PDP presents us with these horrible options. The Obi and Datti ticket possesses a great potential to wean us from these problems.

7 Finally, as the political campaigns advance towards the election dates, the tendency to divide the country along regional, tribal and religious affiliations is gradually beginning to manifest. We can see very clearly that the APC having woefully failed in its original plan to instigate a form of jihad which it had sought through its same-faith ticket in order to capture the moslem votes, has now resorted to a tribal card. The battle cry is now “it is our turn” tribal card in the South-West. The PDP on the other hand, seeing new opportunities in APC’s failed jihad strategy is tending towards adapting both the religious and ethnic strategies of APC in the North.

Nigerians must be awake to these very dangerous campaign trends because any of the political parties that comes into government by pandering to ethnic or religious sentiments may not be able govern successfully and might further accentuate the social cleavages.

Men of good conscience should therefore look to opportunities that unite rather than divide us. Only the Labor Party presents this opportunity. We therefore call on all patriots to labor for our country in this presidential election. Nigeria’s future is at stake in this presidential election. Obi-Datti is the only way to go. All other ways lead to perdition.

BD Lawal,

Abuja, 23/11/2023 

10 Ways to Make $100 a Day in Nigeria


 10 Ways to Make $100 a Day in Nigeria

Are you looking for a legitimate way to earn at least $100 per day with your phone or computer? If you are, then you have come to the right page. With the current state of the economy and the scarcity of jobs in Nigeria, millions of Nigerians both young and old are looking for other legitimate ways to make money off the Internet.

With the continuous downfall of the Nigerian Naira to the US dollar, earning and investing in dollars has become the best way to make money in Nigeria. However, not many people know how to earn dollars while in Nigeria. 

That’s why in this post, we have compiled the best and most lucrative methods to earn in dollars. The online jobs and businesses illustrated in this article can help you make at least $100 daily. 

How to Earn $100 a Day in Nigeria

Getting paid in foreign currency is the dream of every Nigerian. If you’re looking for the most lucrative jobs that can earn you $100 a day in Nigeria, then take a look at the following: 

1. Paid Surveys

Paid survey is a great way to get paid in dollars. You can earn up to $100 per day with paid surveys. Making money through paid surveys is not as difficult as most people would like you to believe. You can earn $100 per day with a little patience and willingness to complete surveys.

Paid Surveys have been around for a long time, and they remain one of the most popular and easy ways to earn dollars in Nigeria. You can earn money in different currencies by taking surveys. The best part about paid surveys is that some of them don’t even require you to do anything. You only need to answer a few questions about a product or service and wait for the payment to come in.

2. Freelancing 

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to start earning dollars online in Nigeria. If you are skilled in any field, then you can offer your services as a freelancer and get paid in dollars. If you are an excellent writer, you can earn a lot of money from a variety of freelance writing jobs on Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and other platforms. 

If you are tech-savvy, then you can also make a living by taking various freelance gigs such as web development, data analysis, graphics design, writing, and virtually assisting companies or brands and getting paid in different currencies. The best part about freelance jobs is that if you are not a full-time employee, hence, you can apply for other jobs, and work freely from home. 

3. Influencer

Another sure-fire online business that can earn you $100 a day is being a social media influencer. If you have a large fan base and become a social media influencer, not to mention $100 per day, you should be able to make up to $500 per day.  

If you currently have a large fan base on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, then you should think about becoming an influencer. Numerous companies and brands are constantly looking for influencers that can help boost their products and services to their target audience. These companies will pay huge sums for your services. 

4. Proofreading

If you are good at English and can detect typos and grammatical errors, then this is the ideal job for you. If you work as a proofreader, you could make $100 per day consistently. You can create an account as a proofreader on Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, indeed.com, Remotehub.com, and other related platforms, and you will be contacted by various companies and brands. 

Proofreaders are critical when it comes to ensuring that written contents and materials are free of errors in spelling, grammar, and content. It is a common misconception that only humans can proofread, but this is not true. A variety of proofreading software programs have been developed and are now available for use on various types of written content. You can make use of these tools coupled with your expertise to make your work easier. 

5. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is another lucrative business option that can earn you up to $100 daily. This business idea entails selling digital products for various brands and companies online in exchange for a commission. If done correctly, affiliate marketing can guarantee you even more than $200 per day.

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money online through sales commissions. When customers purchase goods or services using your affiliate link, the company or brand pays you a commission. Aside from the commission, you will also be able to build your email list, market your product, and generate passive income through affiliate marketing. 

6. Blogging 

Do you have a flare for blogging? Or do you have a strong command of the English language, both written and spoken content? If you do, then you will be able to earn money in dollars from foreign clients who are interested in your video or written content.

You can launch a blog site to market your writing skills and video content. Blogging entails creating a website and then posting quality content about a specific niche or area of interest to you and the public. You can make lots of money when your blog site starts driving large amounts of traffic through advertisements. You can also use your blog site to work and earn as an affiliate marketer.

7. Virtual trainer

If you enjoy teaching, then you can earn a living as a virtual trainer, teaching those who wish to learn the skills you are teaching. If you have a skill that people are interested in, then simply make a tutorial video (in the form of a course) teaching people how to become professionals in that field and post it on various learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, YouTube, etc. Where you can earn money when people purchase your course or watch the tutorial video.

8. Publish E-books

Did you know you can write e-books, publish them on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and earn money in foreign currency when people purchase them? Well, now you know. This is one of the most common and reliable ways to earn money while living in Nigeria. You can also design book covers and sell too on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform and earn lots of money.

9. Web Design

Every day, new websites are launched around the world. In today’s digital world, there is a sizable market for web design. As you might expect, the internet contains billions of websites, with millions more being added every month. Website development in Nigeria is on the rise as more businesses and organizations seek to leverage the power of the internet. These businesses require web designers to help them create websites for their operations. As a result, this is one of the best jobs in Nigeria for earning a lot of money.

You must be familiar with coding to work as a web designer. Nowadays, you can almost entirely learn programming online for free, or you can download paid coding courses from Udemy, Coursera, and other top-rated learning platforms. 

10. Dropshipping

In some ways, dropshipping is similar to e-commerce. The primary distinction between dropshipping and e-commerce is that dropshipping does not necessitate the storage of product inventories. That is, there is no requirement to keep the product on hand. If you are well-versed in dropshipping, you can make a lot of money.

Look for clients who have already established relationships with drop shippers for their items if you want to make money from dropshipping. When customers place an order, they pay for it as if they were the original seller. The money will then be used to purchase the item from the original vendor, who will be given your shipping information.

Making money in foreign currencies in Nigeria is possible if you are skilled in any of the above-mentioned skills and businesses. If you venture into these businesses you can earn cool cash in foreign currencies and convert it to Naira whenever you want. These skills and businesses are somewhat easy to learn and start, all you need is the desire and dedication to run these businesses and you will surely succeed and make lots of money

Two Country Where Divorce Is Not Allow


1. The Vatican City

The Vatican City State is the capital of the Roman Catholic Church and the smallest country in the world. It is completely encircled by the Italian Republic. It is also one of just two nations that do not now allow their citizens to get a divorce. 

2. Philippine Islands

A group of islands in Southeast Asia form the Republic of the Philippines. It is located in a part of the world that touches four other countries: China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The Philippines, a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, is one of just two countries in the world that does not recognize divorce as a legal manner of dissolving a marriage. Therefore, it is illegal in the Philippines for married couples to officially separate or divorce.

Since 1954, no court in the Philippines has had the authority to grant a divorce. Therefore, the Philippines is the only UN member state without a formal legal process for dissolving a marriage. To legally dissolve their marriage, however, residents of the Asian country have only one option: an annulment.

The premise of this type of annulment is that the wedding never legally existed. A marriage can be annulled in this way if all the necessary conditions for legality are not met, such as if the spouses have not reached the proper agreement or if the appropriate clerical action has not been taken.



1. When entering the house greet your children or even hug them. This should help develop their sense of love and self worth.

2. Be good to your neighbours and never backbite. Never speak ill of other drivers when on the road. Your children would listen, absorb and emulate.

3. When calling your parents, encourage your children to speak to them. When visiting your parents take your children with you. The more they see you take care of your parents the more they will learn to take care of you.


4. When driving them to school, don't always play albums or cds in the car. Rather, tell them some motivational stories yourself. This will have a greater impact - trust me!

5. Read to them a short story and even a scripture a day – it doesn't take much time, but very impactful in creating strong bonds and wonderful memories.

6. Comb your hair, clean your teeth and wear presentable cloths even if sitting at home and not going out for the day. They need to learn that being clean and tidy has nothing to do with going out

7. Try not to blame or comment on every word or action they say or do. Learn to overlook and let go sometimes. This certainly builds their self-confidence.

8. Ask your children's permission before entering their rooms. Don't just knock and enter, but then wait for a verbal permission. They will learn to do the same when wanting to enter your room.

9. Apologize to your children if you made a mistake. Apologizing teaches them to be humble and polite.

10. Don't be sarcastic or make fun of their views or feelings, even if you "didn't mean it" and was "only joking". It really hurts.

11. Show respect to your children's privacy. Its important for their sense of value and self-esteem.

12. Don't expect that they will listen or understand the first time. Don't take it personal. But be patient and consistent

13.  Pray with them. Show them how to pray. Lead by example.

14. In addition, ask them to discuss their daily plans after their morning prayer and ADHKAAR. Children without concrete daily plans  usually join others in executing theirs. They fall easy to peer pressure.

15. Hold them and bless them specially every morning


Remember other parents may need this, why keeping it to yourself...! Share it 

Focus on facts Few Legacies of Peter Obi's Stewardship as Anambra State Government



His Achievement

1. Peter Obi built ANSU Teaching hospital Awka. Achie

2. Peter Obi built ANSU Igbariam campus.

3. Peter Obi built Head bridge to Umunya 40km 10 lane road.

4. Peter Obi built Agulu Lake hotel.

6. Peter Obi paid off #32 billion naira gratuities owed since millitary era.

7. Peter Obi built Nkpor fly over.

8. Peter Obi built Obosi Flyover (Julius Berger is using it for their bypass now).

10. Peter Obi bought over 20,000 vehicles from Innoson Motors and paid cash. He gave the vehicles to secondary all schools, all traditional rulers and all vigilante groups.

11. Peter Obi dualized Zik Avenue to Agu-Awka with RCC.

12. Peter Obi installed the first public dialysis machine in Anambra State at general hospital Onitsha.

13. Peter Obi built Nigeria Stock Exchange at Onitsha.

14. Peter Obi procured over 1m computers for all secondary Schools in Anambra State.

15. Peter Obi gave all first class graduates from Anambra State #1m naira each after every convocation.

16. Peter Obi paid anybody from Anambra above 80 years of age 10k allowance till he left office.

17. Peter Obi built over 800 km of rural and urban roads including Aguleri to Adani Enugu road .

18. Peter Obi rehabilted and gave all secondary schools in Anambra a giant 50kva generator still in use till today.

19. He gave all Mission secondary schools in Anambra State  100m naira each as grant.

20. Peter Obi attracted SAB Miller Brewery to Onitsha. This Brewery is giving Nigeria Brewery a run for their money till date with Hero and other brands of beer.

21. Peter Obi left over 75b naira in state coffers while handing over to his successor Willie Obiano.

22. Peter Obi agreed with the Academic Staff Union of Anambra State University in a good salary scale which made them not to join any ASUU strike from his time till date.

And many many more projects too numerous to be captured here.

Peter Obi God bless you for us.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu - an avoidable dymistifaction


Mr Tinubu has reduced the office of the Presidency considerably. 

His ill advised run for that office has made the office of the Presidency which is the most powerful office in the whole of black Africa incapable of repairing the damage this run would have done to his reputation and standing in the eyes of the world. 

As Nigerian President, If he wins and which i am very sure he would likely win, he would be standing infront of the world diminished in stature and lacking in grace.

No Nigerian in the last 2o years have garnered the kind of influence and power that Mr Tinubu has garnered.

He has remained the core of the Nigerian political landscape. Playing a larger than life role in making and breaking political careers.

As Governor of Lagos State, he stared down the eyes of a rampaging Obasanjo Presidency who was intent on bullying its way through on all fronts.

Mr Tinubu came out of that battle a hero of some sorts garnering newer followers and building for himself a reputaion of mythical proportions.

He added to his allure by forging an alliance that uprooted a sitting President and his position in our history  assured.

He was on the way to being positioned as the fourth founding father after the immortal - Awo, Zik and Ahmadu Bello.

His statue would have been placed side by side and we would have been worshipping him as the founder of modern day Nigeria

We would have been talking about the Tinubu era the way the british talk about the Elizabethan era.

But somehow, someone whispered to him to go for the Presidency.  Inordinate ambition set in and the road to a whittling down commenced.

Daily I watch very sadly this epitome of brilliance wash off like mud from a stained statue

As he shouts- God bless PD..... I shed a tear. Who willl have the nerve to stop this. This is like wathcing a great champion being beaten mercillesly to a pulp by a young upstart.

Remember how we watched a stricken Mohammed Ali stricken and ravaged by Parkisins disease and with shaky hands light the Olympic flame.

Remmber how we contracted it to the lithe gazelle who floated like a bird and stung like a bee.

Remember how we cried. That is what we are watching daily in Nigeria today.

Our great champion is no longer floating, he is huttling down like an old diesel engine needing a quick overhaul.

The Ciach has to jump in to save the great old champion from further humiliation.

 Orthewise, we will watch the champions,  blood splatered face in tears.

I love Tinubu. I have always loved his startegic push. His moves from the NADECO days thru the Senate on his way to building the most glamorous and enviable political carreer since Nnamdi Azikiwe.

I had even met with him with a request to write a book on him. But what i see today is harrowingly sad for me.

From the young upstart Hundeyin, to the many shady dealings with his educational status, birth and other such types to his frail appearances on the soap box down to the ever so numerous gaffes, I cringe.

When will the coach jump in and throw in the towel. Is it until we see his stark nakedness that we will come to the realisation that we are watching a great desecration of a political institution?

Why are we so wicked. Egging him on when we know that he lacks the physical stamina and  the right integrity to push for a presidency at these times of information over flow.

The moment Tinubu refused to back a candidate and threw in his hat, I knew this would happen.

I wondered how he would run through the fire that is a presidential run without being burnt.

He is being burnt but the sycophants would not let him see it as they continue to sing his praises while extolling his virtues to high heavens.

I see Baba shake, i see him stuggle to hold the microphones, I see him slur his speech and i see him strugle to open his eyes and I wonder what is going on

Mr Tinubu needs to be handled with grace. He has given so much to Nigeria, he should not be hung out to be pelted with rotten tomatoes all for a pitiable run for the Presidency. 

Can the coach, whoever he is throw in the towel now..lets salvage whatver is left of his dignity for he remains my hero and a hero to millions more and we are not happy with what we are seeing today.

He should be feted, celebrated and staues built for him. He should not be moved from region to region to be  made a caricature of and to be laughed and mocked all because of a Presidency that he may not even have the physical strength to carry to fruition.

Enough  please. Give me back my hero. Please i beg you all.


 Duke of Shomolu

See How Much ENGLAND Players Will Get For Winning World Cup


See How Much ENGLAND Players Will Get For Winning World Cup

England players are in line to receive £500,000 in bonuses from the Football Association (FA) if they lift the 2022 World Cup.

Their top players will also land commercial bonuses worth several million pounds, each from their personal sponsors.

The Mail on Sunday reports that the FA have more than doubled the size of the players’ bonus pot from the 2018 World Cup to about £13million.

This figure would be shared among Gareth Southgate’s 26-man squad.

 Southgate himself would also receive a bonus of about £3m.

Brazil offer the biggest bonuses, which are majorly funded by their £30m-a-year kit deal with Nike.

Facts About FIFA World Cup (A MUST READ

Facts About FIFA World Cup (A MUST READ)

The first team to score goal on World Cup history were France. Lucien Laurent was the goal scorer

 Brazil are the last defending champions to play on world cup knockout. After that all 3 defending champions have failed to reach World Cup knockout.

 Germany has won 4 World Cups and also have lost 4 World Cup Finals. Balance equation you know.

 On 1954 World Cup, Germany lost 8-3 against Hungary on World Cup Group Stage. However they went to beat Hungary 2-3 on finals coming from behind.

 Mbappe is youngest goal scorer on World Cup Finals.

Klose become the top scorer of World Cup by surpassing record of Brazilian Ronaldo (Original Ronaldo) at Brazil against Brazil.

 My Messioma is only player so far to score goal on World Cup at his teen, twenty and thirty.

 From World Cup 1974, only twice a team has won World Cup Final by more than margin of 2 goals. On year 1998, France beat Brazil 3-0 on World Cup Finals and 2018 same France beat Croatia 4-2.

 Netherlands are only the team who have played World Cup Finals more than once and still hasn’t won it single time.

 Argentina were the first runner up in history of World Cup. They lost against Uruguay 4-2 on 1930 World Cup Final

* Italy haven’t played a single World Cup knockout game after they won World Cup on 2006.

 After Mario Kempes on 1978, Ronaldo Nazario became first player to score brace at World Cup Final.

READ ALSO:  Qatar 2022 World Cup: Senegal Vs Netherlands (See Line -Up)

 Spain on 2010 became the World Cup winner first time. Before them we got a new winner back in 1998.

 Three times a player has won the World Cup both as a player and a gaffer. First was Beckenbaur (Germany – 1974 and 1990), followed by Zagallo(Brazil – 1958+1962 and 1994) and Deschamps(France -1998 and 2018). Both Beckenbaur and Deschamps did while they were captains of their respective national teams

Changes That Take Place In Age Of 40


Do you know that when a man reaches the age of 40, his body undergoes a number of changes? Signs of aging in the body become noticeable after a person reaches the age of 40. Whatever the case may be, adjusting to these new circumstances is essential if you want to maintain a healthy way of life.

This article, which was inspired by an article on Medline Plus, will examine some of the changes that take place in every man's physique as they begin to age. Kick back and absorb the information in this essay.

The body of a man ages significantly after he hits the 40-year mark.

1. Weight loss: a man's body weight is primarily affected by his genes from his early to mid-20s till he is 55 years old. Research shows that beyond the age of 40, a majority of men begin to lose weight and become more slender. One theory holds that this is because aging males produce less of the hormone testosterone, which in turn leads to a reduction in both muscle mass and fat percentage.

2. Loss of leg muscle and the resulting stiffness of the joints as men age makes it more challenging for them to get around than it was when they were younger. This is due to the fact that as we get older, our bodies shift shape and gain weight, shifting our center of gravity and making us more prone to falls. When a guy reaches the age of 40, these changes become more pronounced yet take some time to fully manifest.

3. Older men tend to lose height, which is only one of the many changes that occur with maturation. The wear and tear on a man's skeleton and joints causes him to shrink with time. Men normally lose around a half an inch of height per decade beginning around the age of 40. That's why most people over the age of 60 look shorter than they did when they were young. This is the normal course of aging; no rocket science here.

4. The likelihood of a man becoming a parent decreases with age due to a combination of factors, including sexual changes and infertility. The aging process may not cause as many noticeable changes in males as it does in women, but it still does cause certain changes. In a man's prime, becoming pregnant is pretty easy, but around age 40, the chances of conception start to diminish and issues like erectile dysfunction start to arise.

Nyesom Wike currently Complete The Rumuepirikom Flyover And The Nkpolu-Oroworukwo Flyover Bridge


 Nyesom Wike currently serves as the executive governor of Rivers State in the South-South geopolitical zone of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Punch Newspaper reports that president Muhammadu Buhari honoured governor Wike with the distinguished award in infrastructure delivery. Let us carefully identify some flyovers that have been completed by Nyesom Wike this year. 

1. The Rumuepirikom Flyover

According to a report by the Cable, this fantastic flyover is located in the capital city of Rivers State. The Cable reports that this project was officially inaugurated by Adams Oshiomhole this week. Below is a picture of this flyover.

2. The Nkpolu-Oroworukwo Flyover Bridge

It is important to point out that the construction of this flyover bridge started in the first quarter of last year. The Punch Newspaper reports that this flyover has been completed by the government of Nyesom Wike. Below is a picture of this incredible flyover which is located in the city of Port Harcourt.

Six Ways To Know If Your Partner Is The Right Person For You


The very phrase "Am I with the proper person?" suggests that you're doubting your relationship on some level. It would be so lovely to get a clear response and know that your partner is "the one" without a doubt. Unfortunately, when you first meet your spouse, there isn't a huge green light urging you to continue the connection. But since relationships and life are never so simple, questions and concerns are unavoidable. Long-term relationships may experience doubts from time to time. Pers

There may probably be times when you feel conflicted, bored, or even uncertain. This is especially true if you have a history of toxic relationships. It's critical to determine whether you're letting bad memories from the past detract from your current relationship, the expert advises. "If this is the case, take some time to discuss insecurities with your partner and look into counseling to assist you to get over your history. You can have a happy and healthy relationship in this way."

So if you have been wondering if you are with the right person, here are a few signs you should look out for in order to assess your relationship:

1. Being Around Them Is Easy: When determining if a partner is the ideal one for you, comfort is one of the most crucial emotions to consider.

It doesn't mean there won't be disagreements or tense times every now and again. It simply means that the atmosphere is unhurried and organic.

2. In a relationship, you are free to be yourself:

That being said, you are aware that being who you are is acceptable. Because you are confident that they won't judge you or love you any less, you are able to speak your mind, bring up difficult subjects, and let your hair down. "Bending to win someone over or win your partner is never a good idea. A vital component of a fulfilling and healthy relationship is being honest from the start.

This also implies that they approach you even when you're not feeling your best, such as when you're ill, unhappy, or distant because you're going through a difficult period, with love and understanding.

3. You're Still Excited:

Even after spending a lot of time together, there will still be exciting times, as when you greet each other after being apart all day. Everything demonstrates that you are with the right person and in the appropriate place. Not every day has to or will be passionate, but there should still be some joy about spending time together.

4. You have Similar Values:

Do you have similar thoughts, morals, values, and beliefs? Do you share the same worldview? If so, you're headed in the correct direction. While having similar interests and hobbies is wonderful, these things are much more significant because they demonstrate that you are moving in the same direction in life.

5. You can trust them to be loyal:

Imagine how it feels to call your partner and they don't pick up. or text them, but they don't reply. Or they arrive home from work late. Are you pessimistic? or be assured that everything is fine? According to Santini, the foundation of a strong partnership is trust. "This demonstrates you are comfortable with each other if you can readily trust each other in all you do,"

While past relationships might influence how simple it is to trust a partner, you can tell if you're dating the right person if: a) you can talk about these insecurities; b) they're open and honest, and c) they're prepared to go to whatever lengths to build trust in your relationship.

6. You Are Valued:

Keep an eye out for instances of disrespect on a regular basis as well as when it can be most obvious, such as during a disagreement, and ask yourself, "Are you safe? Do I experience respect?"

You aren't with the appropriate person if you don't experience either of these. Yelling, stepping over lines, calling people names, lying, and a long list of other behaviors are examples of disrespect. In a stable, healthy relationship, none of these issues will arise.

Habits You Should Avoid To Enable You Save


We form habits in many different ways, and they can either improve or worsen our lives. If you want to improve your finances, you need to be deliberate about breaking negative money habits and replacing them with good ones because they always end in tears. The following are some bad financial habits to avoid:

1. Not preparing for an emergency.

Actually, your emergency fund is a great place to begin your savings plan. Unexpected situations happen frequently, as we are all aware. Take COVID-19, for instance, which led to several job losses and wage cutbacks for numerous others. The best way to ensure financial stability is to put money away for emergencies. 

If you don't have an emergency fund, you'll probably need loans or other outside help if you get into financial trouble.

2. Dipping into your savings.

Your wealth won't grow if you continually pull money out of your savings. If you lack the discipline to save, you will fall short of your goal of accumulating wealth. Never touch the money you've started saving towards a goal until you've arrived at your objective. Then you may focus and do far more than you had planned.

3. Making unintentional investments.

Money that is kept without a clear goal in mind is typically rapidly lost. If you want to save more money, you must have a particular goal in mind before coming up with a plan to achieve it. 

Start by listing the major life milestones you plan to accomplish, such as purchasing a home or a car or providing for the education of your children. Determine how much money you need to save and for how long.

4. Spending more or equally as much as your income 

If your spending is equal to or greater than your income, you are living from one payday to the next without a proper future plan. With this lifestyle, it is practically impossible to amass significant wealth over time.

Spending every last penny is still viewed as a bad financial habit, despite the fact that your pay may not be much right now. Avoid living a lavish lifestyle or paying more in expenses than you earn. Spend less money in order to at least have some cash on hand.

5. Constantly blaming other people for your mistakes.

A mature person is one who can take full responsibility for their actions. We all make mistakes, but those who learn from their mistakes are the ones who exercise responsibility. 

You might have made poor financial decisions in the past or are currently feeling the consequences of one. Instead of placing blame on others, accept responsibility and review your previous behavior. 

How To Know You Are Losing Feelings And Falling Out of Love With Your Partner.

 How To Know You Are Losing Feelings And Falling Out of Love With Your Partner.

Sometimes in a relationship you will not know that you are losing interest, you will not know that things are going bad in a relationship, you may not know you are hurting your partner with your actions, you will not know that someone is dying in silence the way you are responding in the relationship. When a relationship is going bad there are signs of how to know you are losing interest. You are getting tired and fed up with the relationship so many things are going on that are creating the problem, below are the signs to show you are losing interest in your relationship.

You stop caring, when you don’t love someone again the way you care for them will drop dramatically, it is natural that you stop caring because you have stop feeling the way you used to feel because your love is based on your feelings as you are losing the feelings it affected what you are contributing the relationship, if you find out you are stopping doing the right things you are doing you are beginning you’re losing interest in the relationship.

You stop calling and texting, all of a sudden you don’t see anything wrong not calling or texting your partner, you have begin to fool around can’t you say hi, you see communication as a budding, you are being reluctant in doing things like calling, texting and be with your partner, it’s obvious you’re losing interest relationship. 

You start displaying a don’t care attitude, your behavior is now obvious you don’t care anymore, your don’t care attitude is now open to everybody to see.

You have become very rude. Damn you’ve become absolutely rude. You talk to your partner anyhow you are an abuser, sometimes you end up saying some things that hurt them, the worst part of it you don’t even care, no remorse, you don’t even care how they feel about your actions.

You are becoming unbearable, deep down you know that your attitude is becoming unbearable sometime you sit down and think about the things you said or do and you notice you are being unfair to your partner, when you find out you are becoming unbearable with your attitude and your way of life, you are losing interest in the relationship.

No respect, another sign is when you stop respecting your partner, when you start disrespecting them, when you start not to listen to them, when you start doing as you like, when you start doing everything wrong, lack of respect destroy relationship, lack of respect kill feelings, lack of respect means end of relationship. 

Start seeing bad in everything they do, everything looks bad to you. You don’t see anything good in your partner anymore, whatever he does is a problem. You find fault in everything. You always find a reason to complain. You just don’t feel satisfied with anything they do again, when you begin to see your partner in such a way you are beginning to get tired and losing interest in the relationship.

No more love making, you limit being with your partner, there’s no much closure, everything happened once in a while not regularly anymore, even you don’t enjoy it, you just give him once in a while, when you’re not seeing joy in what you used to see joy on, you are losing interest in such a relationship.

Small things irritate you, everything now a problem, every small thing becoming a problem, you’re creating unnecessary problems from it, you are just looking for a way to nag and complain, small thing that shouldn’t affect you now affecting you, small thing you suppose overlook you don’t want to overlook it, it seem that everything irritate you, when everything things irritate you like that you are losing interest in your relationship. 

You start feeling tired of your relationship and partner. When all you want is to break up, when all you think about is how to end everything, when you begin to think that there’s no future anymore, when you begin to feel the relationship is not working anymore. 

There’s more quarrels than love, no relationship without fighting when you find two of you are fighting more, when you fight everyday, when the quarrels are becoming too much, when misunderstanding is like a food in the relationship. Obviously the relationship is having problems and needs urgent attention.

No fun, no happiness and no peace of mind. Everything has become complicated, the love is dying, there’s no attention, nobody’s making time for each other, the attention is not there anymore, there is no fun and happiness, it seem that there’s no more peace, you are not seeing any peace in the relationship, you don’t have peace in the relationship, you don’t have peace of mind, it seem your relationship life like a sad story.

NNPP Presidential Candidate Kwankwaso Says He's Willing To Step Aside , Gives Condition


 Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), says he is "willing to step aside" if his party can produce a better candidate ahead of the 2023 elections.

The former Kano state governor, however, said he is the best candidate the NNPP has at the moment, and that is why he working hard to ensure the party wins in 2023.

Kwankwaso said this in Enugu, saying the party was setting up its offices in the southeastern state ahead of the 2023 general election, Thisday reported .

The online news media notes that the Kwankwaso can no longer withdraw from the race as the time to do that has elapsed, according to INEC's timetable for the 2023 general election.

Kwankwaso, a former chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said he was not running to be Nigeria’s president out of desperation.

He said all he wanted was to offer quality leadership to Nigerians.

“I am willing to step aside if the NNPP gets a better candidate butyfor now, I am the best there is and that is why I am working tirelessly to ensure that we win the elections and give Nigerians a better representation," the leader of the Kwankwasiyya political movement said.

Meanwhile, the Director General of the Labour Party (LP) presidential campaign council, Doyin Okupe says the party is still in talks with the presidential candidate of the NNPP Rabiu Kwankwaso with a view to forming an alliance ahead of the 2023 elections.

Earlier in the year, there were reports that Kwankwaso and Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party were in talks for a possible alliance, but it never materialised.

Okupe, a former presidential spokesman, however, said the LP is still looking to form an alliance with Kwankwaso.

He told Channels Television: “As a party, at our own campaign level, we are talking to Kwankwaso and his team again.

“I believe and I trust that God will help us that between now and December, we would bring together that alignment politically in the country and the country would be better for it.”

“Whoever wins is not just winning on a sole effort; we are winning with the cooperation of many of as many groups as possible.”

The LP chieftain also dismissed criticisms over Obi’s visits to some power brokers in the country, saying it was meant solely for carrying everybody along in the scheme of things.

We Paid University Lecturers Helf Salaries Becouse We Can't Pay Them for work Not Don


 The Federal Government on Saturday explained why it failed to pay full salaries to lecturers under the aegis of the Academic Staff Union of Universities.

According to the ministry, pro-rata was done because they cannot be paid for work not done.

“So, the Minister wrote to the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planning, directing that their salaries should be restored. They were paid in pro-rata for the number of days that they worked in October, counting from the day that they suspended their industrial action. Pro-rata was done because you cannot pay them for work not done. Everybody’s hands are tied.”

The news headline has stirred mixed reactions among Facebook users, Read some of the reactions from Nigerians that come across the headline on Facebook:

1. But when they resume most of this professors and lecturers would start from were dey stopped just to cover syllabus. You people are not encouraging them, you are touring with the future of we students and it will fight you back

2. Very illogical reasoning! What happens to pending examination results and associated activities. The Federal government should announce cancellation of previous sessions not paid for and let's continue on a clean slate.

3. FG should honour and value ASUU and sympathy with them for well done job in calling off the prolonging strike as instructed by industrial court decision. However, remember, they borrowed money in massive from people so how would they pay off that credit to debtors?

What is your opinion on this matter? Kindly drop your comments in the box below

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