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The beauty of bird

Speech by Peter Obi as formal governor of anambra state.

Morocco onye we ego o we nwanne


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The Prophetic Word

 The Prophetic Word

What is a prophecy word? It is God's inspiration word documented in the scripture that is forever relevant to every time to every season to every dispensation and to everyone. The prophetic word is inspired by the holy spirit from the written word to meet you at the moment need, it is a specific word for a specific time and for a specific person which is given by the holy spirit from the scripture. The prophetic word comes to meet you need for the hour. It is a word from the Lord to you now. It is full of power and grace. It is abundant in power to make itself good when the spirit of God moves upon, prophetic word are words are released through you

HOW TO DO 10 days TRADING in CHY MELL Retail Steps


(A) Retail Steps

1.Go to home page

2. Click on new retail

3. Click to select your VIP level product

4. Select on colour and number box

5. Click on purchase

6. Click on submit 

7.Click on payment

8. Enter payment password

9. Click on confirm payment

(B) Whole Sale Steps ( not required in autotrade) 

1. Go to home page

2. Click on wholesale

3. Click to select same product

4. Select on colour and number box

5. Click on plus (+) sign to change number to 2

6. Click on purchase

7. Click on submit 

8. Click on payment 

9. Enter payment password

10. Click on confirm payment

11. Click on MY.

12. Click on pending disposal. 

13. Click on TO SELL.

Trading is successful



(A) Retail Steps

1.Go to home page

2. Click  Autotrade

3. choose Product that bears your VIP level with inscription (5RS = 50 days or (10Rs =100 days)

3. Click to select product 

4. Select on colour and number box

5. Click on purchase

6. Click on submit 

7.Click on payment

8. Enter payment password

9. Click on confirm payment


When u execute autotrade, your trading capital will automatically execute trades for you every 10 days till end of tenure (RS) u choose. But your profit will still be dropping every 9-12 days




1. Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide.

2. People are not what they say but what they do; so judge them not from their words but from their actions.

3. When someone hurts you, don't feel bad because it's a law of nature that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets maximum number of stones.

4. Take whatever you can from your life because when life starts taking from you, it takes even your last breath.

5. In this world, people will always throw stones on the path of your success. It depends on what you make from them - a wall or a bridge.

6. Challenges make life interesting; overcoming them make life meaningful.

7. There is no joy in victory without running the risk of defeat.

8. A path without obstacles leads nowhere.

9. Past is a nice place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay.

10. You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.

11. If what you did yesterday still looks big to you, then you haven't done much today.

12. If you don't build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs.

13. If you don't climb the mountain; you can't view the plain.

14. Don't leave it idle  use your brain.

15.  You are not paid for having brain, you are only rewarded for using it intelligently.

16. It is not what you don't have that limits you; it is what you have but don't know how to use then

17. What you fail to learn might teach you a lesson.

18. The difference between a corrupt person and an honest person is: The corrupt person has a price while the honest person has a value.

19. If you succeed in cheating someone, don't think that the person is a fool...... Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved.

20. Honesty is an expensive gift; don't expect it from cheap people.

 This is a very interesting post and I want everyone to benefit.

Still in a thankful and excited mood.

The Leverage


The leverage is a Daily Devotional Guide geared given you the advantage in life. It is Gods Word packaged in rhema capsule to day the necessary boost for fulfillment of life

Many Believers start the day their hands off of the level of God's word. This is a deviation from the normal. We out to began our day with what God began with the word. 

"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God. (John 1:1)

Beloved, God plan is to feed you with daily bread (Matt 6:11), not weekly or monthly bread. God daily loads with benefits necessary for all around development (PSA 68:19) The Leverage makes for this pattern of divine menu.

In the competitiveness of life, you need more than the ordinary, you need more than the usual. You need the word of God dished out on a regular basis for you destiny to unfold graciously. You need daily catalyst. You need The prosperity

But he answered and said, it is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, " Matt 4:4

Life is daily lived by word of God. The Leverage is God's daily inspiration for you all round prosperity

     This written will be put to it most effective use, yielding great results with the following "how to instructions

1, Read carefully the scripture text of the, paying attention to what God is saying and how they relate to you and you situation

2, Read through the commentary, making references to the scriptural text quoted in it as will as the one you've previously read.

3, Use the other' Scripture for Meditation to further study on the subject matter.

4, Take out to prey and say the confession end of 

The apostle peter in 2 peter 1:16-8 described his eye - witness account of what happened on the mount of Transfiguration, how that Jesus was transfigured right before him, John and James, and how that they saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus. They saw the cloud of glory over and around Jesus and themselves, and were literally overwhelmed by the glory of God That wanted to dwell there for the beauty and glory of what they had seen. Then they heard the voice of the Lord from Majesty on high saying, This is my believed son :  in whom I am well pleased: hear ye him " now , here is the Apostle peter point: as glorious as that encounter was, as spectacular as it seemed ,as supernatural or heart throbbing as the voice that they heard was, there is something basic to covet and take head to which is the written word of God. He calls it a more sure word prophetic utterance by the prophet, documented in the word for us as light that shines in dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in our heart

We can have multiplied encounter with God through the written word. As we meditade on the word and take heed to it, it begins to shine brighter on our heart by the day until the day star and the day dawn arise in us. What does this mean? It simply mean that the day star and the day dawn are in the written word. The scripture contain for us deep and perfect encounter with God. The level to which we give head to and practice the scripture is the level to which we experience God. We are admonished to give head to it until light of God shines perfectly bright within us. 

Beloved, the light of God can shine in it perfect from in our heart. Encounters with God await you in the scripture. God want to reveals Himself to you from the scripture. Now, the Spirit of God speaks expressly, showing the scripture all that God has reserved for those who love Him. Give yourself to studying and preying the scripture daily God will perform all that He has spoken to us through the prophet. Indeed we have a more sure word of prophecy and we prosper as we give heed to it, until the day star and day dawn arise in our heart


In the name of Jesus I declare that my is built on a firm foundation; the foundation of the immutable word of God. Therefore I declare that nothing move me and I cannot fall Amen

Take Heed To God's Word

The world is in spirit darkness, 1 John 5:19 tell us that, the whole world lieth in wickedness, Isaiah 60:2 also say for behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people but the Lord shall arise upon thee ,and his glory shall be seen upon thee, therefore as we walk in this world we must take heed to the word of God as is in scripture.

Today opening scripture tell us that the prophetic word in the scripture is a light shining in the dark to which when we take heed, we will do well. To do well means to prosper. Hebrew 2:1 tell us to take heed to the things that we have heard so they wouldn't slip from us .we must give heed to the light from scripture until the light begins to shine in our heart as the sun at it best thanks God for encounter and manifestation; we ought to have them. However, we must know that we have a more sure word of prophecy and we do well to take heed to the scripture,


Taking heed to the word begins with meditation. Proverb 4:20 tell us to give attention to the word of God and not to let it depart from our eyes, and that we keep it in midst of our opening why must we do this? The word is life and health to us live by the word our opening scripture say the scripture are a more sure word of prophecy, prophetic utterance given by the spirit of God through people are word of power released to change live and circumstances; however we have a more sure word of prophecy in the scriptures and we do well as we take heed to them as unto a light that shine in darkness until the day down and day star arise  in us. Beloved, keep considering the word in meditation until it breaks forth within you as the sun shining at noonday. How do you know the word is shining in you as the sun? You will begins to act on the word effortlessly. Living out the word come natural with you

As for you, do not pray for this people, or lift up cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with me, for I do not hear you..


Jeremiah chapter 7 verse 16

Jeremiah chapter 14 verses 11 & 12

Psalm 18 verse 41

  As for you, do not pray for this people, or lift up cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with me, for I do not hear you..

  The Lord said to me: “Do not pray for the welfare of this people. Though they fast, I will not hear their cry, and though they offer burnt offering and cereal offering, I will not accept them; but I will consume them by the sword, by famine, and by pestilence. 

 They cried for help, but there was none to save, they cried to the Lord, but he did not answer them

Bible study passage:

Jeremiah chapter 7 verses 1 - end

From the the Bible passages above, it is very clear that the Lord does not answer all prayers. The Lord answering your prayers will depend on your conduct and your behaviour even if you fast and pray for the whole day.



Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos has condemned the misinformation and disinformation being circulated on social media by mischief makers to set the Yoruba against Ndigbo in Lagos and elsewhere in the country.

Ohanaeze hereby directs all Ndigbo in Lagos who have joined the #EndSARS protest to leave the streets immediately.

 Those who do not wish Igbo well have insinuated that Ndigbo were the ones who burned down Yoruba assets in Lagos, but that is a lie from the pit of hell. Even the soldier who led troops to kill protesters in Lekki has been branded Igbo! But the truth is that only a small number of Igbo most of whom were born Lagosians have participated in the #EndSARS protests in Lagos or the Southwest. They don't even know the assets belonging to Tinubu or any another Yoruba. The truth is that Nigerian youth are angry -- and they are jobless and hungry -- and are expressing their grievance in the streets.

It is the same manner the first military coup was called "Igbo coup" just to annihilate our people.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo enjoins Bola Tinubu and the Yoruba nation not to listen to evil people masquerading as Igbo to set brother against brother once again. The ongoing protests, as we all know, are beyond SARS. Even Nobel laureate Woke Soyinka said as much in a statement on Tuesday.

We call on security agents to protect the property of all Nigerians nationwide. Nothing good is achieved by destruction. The protesters are equally advised to keep off the streets to avoid collateral damage. Meanwhile, we urge President Muhamnadu Buhari to take charge of his government and restore law and order in the country. A sincere dialogue with the protesters is necessary now.



for: Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos

A Special Broadcast by the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano on the Growing Tension Across Nigeria Sparked up by the EndSars Protests, October on Thursday

A Special Broadcast by the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano on the Growing Tension Across Nigeria Sparked up by the EndSars Protests, October on Thursday, 22, 2020.

I am compelled to address you today by the growing tension across the country ignited by recent efforts by Nigerian youths to ask for a better Nigeria.

The events of the past few days remind me of the words of Franz Fanon, the influential political philosopher who observed that “each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it in relative opacity.”

This generation of Nigerian youths has discovered its mission. But the question everyone is asking is; will they betray or fulfill it? 

Great Anambra youths, I am immensely proud of what you have achieved so far. But we must not succumb to the morbid attractions of violence; no matter the provocation, no matter how justified our anger and no matter how easy it all might seem. Violence does not yield fruitful results.

The founder of modern India, Mahatma Ghandi warns that “when violence appears to do good, the good is only temporary; but the evil it does is permanent.” 

Umu nnem, while our beloved state remains largely safe and isolated from the boiling sea outside, we have also recorded a few unpleasant incidents in our domain and there is justifiable anger in the land. But we cannot give it a chance to consume us all. 

Consequently, we are taking precautionary steps to prevent further descent to lawlessness in Anambra State by imposing a 24 hour curfew with effect from 8pm today until we bring this rising tension under control.  

Therefore, all schools and markets in Anambra State are hereby closed. All gatherings by groups and associations under any name or label from 8pm are banned. The law enforcement agencies in the state have been duly directed to enforce compliance. 

However, all law enforcement officers charged with ensuring compliance to the restriction on movement must resist the temptation of applying excessive force while attempting to bring the situation under control. 

We cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes that created the problem we are trying to solve in the first place. 

Meanwhile, I wish to assure all non-indigenes living among us in Anambra State of their safety and security wherever they live in our dear state. The government of Anambra State will not allow you to come to any harm. 

Ndi Anambra, we may do well to recall that in response to the nationwide demand by Nigerian youths for an end to the gross violation of their human rights by the defunct SARS, my administration had taken proactive measures to enthrone justice and peace in our dear state. 

I have personally visited all the facilities used by the defunct SARS and freed all the prisoners in unlawful detention. I have set up a Judicial Panel of Inquiry to listen to petitions from victims of human rights violations by the defunct SARS. 

And more importantly, I am happy to announce that we have set aside the sum of N200m to be disbursed as compensations to people who have proven cases of rights violations, torture and deaths from the activities of the defunct SARS in Anambra State. 

This provision is part of the 2021 Budget which shall be presented to the State House of Assembly in a matter of days. 

Ndi Anambra, this effort is made essentially in pursuit of a better society. We know that no amount of money can equate a human life. 

But we believe that a symbolic gesture delivered at the right moment can heal old wounds and help aggrieved families to find closure in these most traumatic times. 

Ndi Anambra, the peace and security we have enjoyed in Anambra State in the past seven years is under threat. All hands must be on deck to save Anambra from this danger. 

I urgently call on all religious leaders, traditional rulers, market leaders, community leaders and leaders of the various youth associations across Anambra State to rise to this immediate challenge and speak to our youths and calm the boiling anger in the land. 

Whatever we destroy in a feat of anger was built by us, even if they were donated to federal institutions within our state. We must do everything we can to avoid self-inflicted injuries. 

Ndi Anambra, the times we live in demand extraordinary sacrifices. We must respond to it with patience, forbearance and love. This is not the time for unrestrained emotions. This is not the time for destructive rumours and conspiracy theories. 

This is a time to reach out and touch one another with love, to treat each other with kindness and to say to one another with one voice; Nigeria is greater than her problems!

Umu nnem, we are the inheritors of a proud history. We carry the inventive genius of the great minds that created the famous Igboukwu civilization. 

Our ancestors practiced pragmatic democracy before the Greeks stumbled upon its fine theories. We rose from the ashes of a brutal Civil War to rebuild our lives with relative ease. 

Ndi Anambra, our story is different. So, we must act with a sense of history in moments like this. We must not give in to regrettable anger and throw everything away. 

God bless Anambra State

God bless Nigeria

Willie Obiano

OCTOBER the year of our Lord, witnessed the birth of a Great Man,a Prophet of God,a Father to all....

 πŸ€OCTOBER the year of our Lord, witnessed the birth of a Great Man,a Prophet of God,a Father to all....

πŸ–Œ️A Prophet of God who treats his followers as his children, not as church members..

πŸ–Œ️The only Prophet of God I know of, that whenever you call him, with one problem or another, he'll answer you.. no matter the time of the day..

πŸ–Œ️A man who says "Instead of any of my 'children' to die, let me stay awake"..

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who goes to dangerous places and fights battles spiritually just to rescue his children who are in danger..

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who is so interested in the welfare of his children and humanity, and cares even more than biological parents..

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who, instead of buying private jets, flying round the world, building mansions here and there, and acquiring other material possession,uses his God-given wealth to help and take care of poor and less-privileged of the society and even the world..

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who takes good care of both Christians and Muslims across the globe..

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who built nursery and primary schools, and even a world-class University, not to make money for himself, but to help the less-privileged who do not have access to quality education... His schools,even as private schools has the lowest tuition fees, but the highest quality of learning...

πŸ–Œ️His schools aim at breeding responsible citizens who will not be a burden to the society, hence the motto of Hezekiah University- 'Academic excellence with good morals'..

πŸ–Œ️A disciplined man of God who never fails to instill discipline in the life of his children, whether young or old,rich or poor(with love)..

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who preaches the undiluted word of God, and speaks the truth, no matter who is involved.. without fear of anything or anybody...

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who is not interested in your money, but in your soul..

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who does not preach 'sowing of seed', but preaches 'Salvation, Holiness and Righteousness'...

πŸ–Œ️A holy man of God who instills the life of holiness into his children all over the world..

πŸ–Œ️A humble man of God who does not like publicity, popularity,fame or favor from man, but when you go close to him,you see the power of God bestowed upon him, and the glory of God radiating from him...

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who commands nature by the power of God, and they obey him...

πŸ–Œ️He who has money to live in luxurious homes all over the world, but chose to stay indoor everyday in one room, praying for the world...

πŸ–Œ️A man of God who knows God and God knows him.....

πŸ–Œ️πŸ–Œ️πŸ–Œ️One very peculiar thing about his birthday celebrations is that--- he does not celebrate the number of years he has spent on earth, but the number of years he has spent in serving God and humanity (1967-2020)-----53 stainless years in the Lord....

In fact, the list is endless....

πŸ‘‰Words cannot describe the life of this Great Man...

πŸ‘‰ Books can never be enough to tell of his deeds and actions...

πŸ’žBut to God be the glory for bringing this special Being to earth, for making me to know him, and be a part of this great family...


🌺 The Anointed Prophet of the Most High God(Anapi Mangaji Allah)

🌺 The Lion of the tribe of Igbo(Odum Ebo Igbo)

🌺 The Representative of God on earth..

🌺 The Proprietor and Chancellor of Hezekiah University, Umudi..

🌺 The Founder and Leader of Living Christ Mission, Worldwide....

CONGRATULATIONS BELOVED DADDY on the most recent award given to you by the United Nations Organization,as the 'INTERNATIONAL MAYOR OF PEACE'...

CONGRATULATIONS BELOVED DADDY on your 53rd Birthday in the Lord celebration....

My prayer for you is that may God continue to bless you and take you from one high level of greatness to the other..... make you to reap the fruits of your hard labours in the lives of your children all over the world, and make your children to be sources of blessings and encouragement to Jesus Name,AMEN..

Finally, I call you 'MY LIFE' because without you in my life, I would have been a wasted being...



πŸ’žMy Life..

πŸ’žMy Role model..

πŸ’žMy Love..

πŸ’žMy Father ..

A bus full of passengers was traveling while. suddenly the weather changed and there was a huge downpour and lightening all around.

 Ponder over this

A bus full of passengers was traveling while. suddenly the weather changed and there was a huge downpour and lightening all around.

They could see that the lightening would appear to come towards the bus and then go elsewhere.

After 2 or 3 horrible instances of being saved from lightening, the driver stopped the bus about fifty feet away from a tree and said -

"We have somebody in the bus whose death is a certainty today."

Because of that person everybody else will also get killed today.

Now listen carefully what I am saying ..

I want each person to come out of bus one by one and touch the tree trunk and come back.

Whom so ever death is certain will get caught up by the lightening and will die & everybody else will be saved".

They had to force the 1st person to go and touch the tree and come back.

He reluctantly got down from the bus and went and touched the tree.

His heart leaped with joy when nothing happened and he was still alive.

This continued for rest of the passengers who were all relieved when they touched the tree and nothing happened.

When the last passenger's turn came, everybody looked at him with accusing eyes.

That passenger was very afraid and reluctant since he was the only one left.

Everybody forced him to get down and go and touch the tree.

With a 100% fear of death in mind, the last passenger walked to the tree and touched it.

There was a huge sound of thunder and the lightening came down and hit the bus - yes the lightening hit the bus, and killed each and every passenger inside the bus.

It was because of the presence of this last passenger that, earlier,the entire bus was safe and the lightening could not strike the bus.

LIFE LEARNING from this..

At times, we try to take credit for our present achievements, but this could also be because of a person right next to us.

Look around you - Probably someone is there around you, in the form of Your Parents, Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Siblings, Your friends, Your Colleagues, etc, who are saving you from harm..!

Think About it..

You will surely find that Person..!!

Beautiful Lines 


    'Alone I can 'Say' but 

    together we can 'talk'.


    'Alone I can 'Enjoy' but 

     together we can 



    'Alone I can 'Smile' but 

    together we can 'Laugh'.

    That's the BEAUTY of 

    Human Relations. 

    We are nothing without each other 


    Remain connected and do remember to intercede for someone today.

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 Knowledge indeed, is power.



Rhesus Factor is an antigen that exists on the

surface of red blood cells in most people (about

85% of humans). It is also referred to as Rh

Factor. People who have the Rh have

“positive” (+) blood types, such as A+, O+ or B+

are said to be rhesus Factor positive, while those

who have the Rh “negative” (-) blood types, such

as A–, O– or AB– are said to be rhesus factor

negative . The “+” and “-” after the blood group

is the Rhesus factor. Generally, we have A+, A–,

B+, B–, AB+, AB–, O+ and O–. Rhesus factor is

genetic in nature. It is inherited from the

parents, emphatically the father.

How does Rhesus Factor cause miscarriage?

If a Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with

Rh–, there wouldn’t be any problem. However, if

a Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with Rh+,

there would be a problem if the baby inherits Rh+

from the father . We have here what is medically

called Rhesus Factor Incompatibility. The baby

would obviously be Rh+. During child birth, once

the baby’s Rh+ comes in contact with the

woman Rh- during delivery, the antibodies are

immediately activated by the woman’s body’s

immune system.

The activated antibodies would see the new Rh+

as foreign body or a threat and consequently

they would be at alert to attack and get rid of

the foreign body. Unfortunately as such, after

this particular child birth, the woman would keep

having miscarriages because the activated

antibodies would see subsequent Rh+

pregnancies as foreign bodies and would keep

fighting and taking them off.

Women with Rh activated antibodies are said to

be Rh sensitized and once these antibodies are

activated , they can never be deactivated until

the woman dies. Rh induced antibodies are

activated in a Rh- woman by child birth, abortion,

miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

If a Rh– woman commits an abortion for a Rh+

man and the antibodies are activated in her

system, the woman might end up childless

throughout her life except if she later marries

another man with with the same Rh–. The

possibility of a Rh– woman finding a Rh– man is

slim as about 85% of human beings are Rh+.

This is a warning to our young girls who commit

abortions all in the name of boyfriend-girlfriend


If you’re a woman with Rh– and your fiance is

Rh+, and you haven’t committed abortion for him

and you don’t want to leave him, then, you need

to take note of the following:

In order to prevent the activation of the

antibodies, doctors would give women in this

category an injection called Rhogam during and

after pregnancy to prevent spontaneous abortion

due to Rhesus factor incompatibility. The

injection is normally administered 28 weeks into

pregnancy, 72 hours after delivery, after ectopic

pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion. If the

injection is not administered and the antibodies

are activated, they would never be deactivated


In many African cultures up till today, women

who are so unfortunate to find themselves

having serial spontaneous abortions due to

Rhesus factor incompatibility are considered

witches by some of their people. Some of the

women would accuse their in-laws of being

behind their predicament.

So, if you’re a woman with Rh– , you need to be

very careful. It might be difficult for you to get a

husband with a Rh– because about 85% of

human beings are Rh+. So, in order not to find

yourself in the aforementioned problem, put all

that have been said at the back of your mind

and go for genetic counselling. If you have a

daughter or a sister with Rh–, counsel them on

Rhesus Factor Incompatibility and the dangers

lying therein.

It should also be noted that a Rh– person(man

or woman) cannot receive blood donation from a

Rh+ person even if they have the same blood

group. The consequence of such blood

transfusion is fatal. It would lead to death as the

blood would clot. This is due to the

incompatibility in their Rhesus factor.

GOD Bless.



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The Enemy Not A Factor Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:

 The Enemy Not A Factor 

 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Psalm 23:5"

The psalmist came to the point in his life that he realized that when God is with you, He makes even your enemies to be at peace with you. David was anointed king over Israel in front of his brothers, who never loved him. Truly a table was prepared before him in the presence of his enemies. God prepared David to ascend the throne of Israel, and he became the best king ever to have ascended the throne of Israel. The enemies could not stop him from becoming king. Likewise the enemy and his cohorts of darkness cannot stop the children of God from fulfilling God's dream. If you are reading this devotion and you are born again, know that you have enemies but they cannot stop you from becoming what God has planned for you. If you believe it, say amen. Share the word.

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hands Matt 3:2act17:30

Prayer point

O Lord my father have mercy upon us and given us good leaders in this country, in Jesus name

 yours life is important

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Bright future "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105"

 Bright future

 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105"

The Word of God is all that we need as believers in Christ Jesus to succeed. The Word has nourishment for the present and the future. Everything expires, but the scriptures do not expire, neither do they become obsolete; they were relevant to the saints of old, and they are still relevant to the saints of today. The Word of God, as a lamp unto our feet, helps us to make good decisions for the present. The Word of God as a light unto our path makes the future clear to us; it helps us to understand our future to walk into it with certainty. Go for the Word, and be transformed! Share your comments here!

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hands Matt 3:2act17:30

Prayer point

Oh Lord my father have mercy upon us and given us good leaders in this country, in 

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