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 Valentine Ezigbo

OBI visit Lagos

 OBI visit Lagos

The gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in the Anambra State election paid a campaign visit to Lagos State State on Sunday in the company of former governor of Anambra State H E. Mr Pete Obi. 

The venue of the event, the oduduwa hall  of Southern Sun Hotel Ikoyi was filled to its capacity with captains of industry and cream of Anambra State professionals.


In his introductory speech. Mr. Peter Obi recounted his role as the former governor and sadly noted that Mr. Obiano failed to leave up to expectations of Anambrians. He told the gathering that in their choice of who becomes the next governor of the the state, they  should be concerned about the life style of the candidates. He said that Mr. Valentine Ozigbo given his track records and coming  from the private sector will take Anambra back to winning ways

He said that this election is important to PDP as it will prepare grounds for the 2023 elections and brighten chances of a South easterner becoming the PDP presidential flag- bearer if the ticket is zoned to the south. 

In his own address, the PDP flag bearer said that having identified the problems the state is going through with the present government will do everything within his reach to deliver on all his campaign promises. He appealed to those present to carry his gospel to their kits and kins at home to support him by  coming out and vote for PDP. He also alayed the fears going round by the threats from IPOB about the sit-at home from the 5th of Nov. And said security arrangements have been made to ensure free and fair election.

The south-east PDP Congresy Lagos State was ably represented at the event by our able leader chief Felix Orakwue who in turn introduced women leader Mrs. Ebere Ubah, the  Gen. sec. Nze Chibuzor, chief Chidex and Mr. Emma. Nwosu to the candidate chief Valentine. Ozigbo who enjoined us to also sensitise our members and our kits and kins back to join him  in this mutual battle to rescue Anambra State.

Reports from the publicity sub. committee. South- east PDP Congress. lagos.

Emma. Nwosu

Sunday, October 24, 2021

NYSC: Seven corps members to repeat service in Abia

 NYSC: Seven corps members to repeat service in Abia

The National Youth Service Corps has ordered seven corps members deployed in Abia for the Batch ‘B’ Stream 1, 2020/2021, to repeat their service year for various offences.

The NYSC State Coordinator, Denis Jingi, said this on Friday in Umuahia during the passing out event and presentation of certificates to outgoing corps members.

Mr Jinga represented by the Assistant Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, Caroline Chukwu, said two others also got an extension of their service year for some infractions.

He said that 792 corps members passed out, adding that five received commendations for their meritorious service.

The passing out, earlier scheduled for Thursday nationwide, was shifted to Friday in the South-East because of the sit-at-home order by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).


The speech of Njaba LGA Chairman following the death of two Ezes this week at Njaba LGA Headquarter

 The speech of Njaba LGA Chairman following the death of two Ezes this week at Njaba LGA Headquarter. The chairman, Emeka, is from Amucha. I lifted his speech from Amucha Progressive Forum. Below  is the full story


I am still in deep shock as I write to commiserate with the people of Okwudor and Ihebinowere autonomous communities in particular and the entire people of Njaba LGA in general, over the death of HRH Eze Barr A E Durueburuo (Obi II of Okwudor) and HRH Eze S C Osunwa(Ugo 1 of Ihebinowere) following the attack in our Council Headquarters Nnenasa during our monthly meeting of Council of Ndi Eze on Tuesday 19th October 2021. My heart still bleeds as I often drift from concentration and composure since after the ugly incident. I earnestly wish to use this opportunity to once again console the bereaved families, the entire people of Okwudor and Ihebinowere as well as Njaba people in general over our huge loss in the death of these two illustrious Monarchs. May the Good Lord give us the fortitude to bear these irreparable and irreplaceable losses.

I would have addressed my good people of Njaba LGA since two days ago the incident happened, but we have been deeply engaged in the battle to ensure that the 3 traditional rulers who sustained various degrees of gunshot injuries during the attack are given proper and urgent medical attention in a good hospital to prevent the loss of any other life. I am happy that they are responding positively to treatment and I pray for them and also wish them quick recovery.


Following the directive of Imo State Government to convene a stakeholders meeting(between Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th October) aimed at receiving the priority needs and proposed projects from every community for 2022 Imo State budget, I consulted the Member Representing Njaba State Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly Hon. Amb. Uju Onwudiwe and we jointly agreed to fix the meeting on Tuesday 19/10/2021. The Interim Management Committee(IMC) of Njaba LGA also scheduled two other major programs in the Council same day. They included:

(1)Free distribution of 20,000 exercise books to public primary school pupils and secondary school students through the heads of the schools.

(2) My monthly meeting with the traditional rulers of the LGA.

On Monday 18th October, I had notified the Operation Search and Flush police team led by one ASP Nwankwo about the said programs scheduled for the next day Tuesday 19th October and also requested for their presence at the council headquarters during the programs. The team leader assured me that they would come. 

It is also worthy of note that this particular team of Police men had been officially posted to Njaba LGA, since 20th September 2021, to work permanently in Njaba LGA. Therefore my notification to them about the programs of the Council is a mere fulfilment of protocols because Njaba LGA is their workplace.

However, on Tuesday 19/10/2021, the police team came to the Council Headquarters for the programs as we agreed. But shortly before the commencement of the programs, the police team leader came to my office and informed me that their Commander instructed them to return back to Owerri. I refused to allow them to leave the council to avoid jeopardising the security of lives and properties in the Council. After some arguments with them, they finally left my office and told me that they would be back in  two hours. The H.O.D Works of the Council, Mr Emeka Uneanya, a gateman working in the Council, Mr Ernest Okorochukwu and few others were witnesses to my argument with the police team leader in my office.

Our meetings and programs nevertheless commenced immediately the police left, as we hoped on their return as they had promised. 

The distribution of the exercise books and Stakeholders meeting lasted for about three hours, yet we did not see the police. I then called the team leader to know why they have not come back, but he told me that his commander had not yet released them. And this is verifiable. 

Our usual monthly meeting with the traditional rulers, which happened to be the last program for the day, was about to be concluded when we saw some armed men approaching the Council hall where the meeting was taking place. The unknown gunmen on reaching the door to the hall opened fire and shot at some of us as we scampered for safety. 

Unfortunately, the two traditional rulers lost their lives in the incident. Three traditional rulers also sustained gunshot injuries. This incident took place few minutes after 3pm.

Let me at this juncture use the name of the Almighty God to appeal to those that are behind these killings to please stop. We cannot continue to kill ourselves for any reason. The eyes and the nose are the same. When one is hurt, the other will start shedding tears. I once again pray God, to give the bereaved families, Okwudor and Ihebinowere people as well as the entire Njaba people the fortitude to bear these irreparable losses. Government will not abandon you in this period of grief and mourning. To those in the hospital, we shall continue to care for you until you are fully recovered and discharged. God in His infinite mercy shall continue to protect us all. Amen

Emeka Iheanacho,

IMC Chairman Njaba LGA,

Imo State

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Beware of new virus that steals banking details, NCC alerts Nigerians


Beware of new virus that steals banking details, NCC alerts Nigerians

The Nigerian Communications Commission has alerted millions of Nigerian telecom consumers of the existence of new, high-risk, and extremely damaging, Malware called Flubot.

The commission warns that the virus steals banking details from devices.

This was contained in a press statement by the commission titled, ‘NCC alerts telecom consumers on Flubot Malware… Lists measures to guard against attack.”

NCC noted that according to the information received from the Nigeria Computer Emergency Response Team, Flubot “targets Androids with fake security updates and App installations”.

How the virus works

The statement quoted ngCERT as affirming that Flubot “impersonates Android mobile banking applications to draw fake web view on targeted applications and its goal transcends stealing personal data and essentially targets stealing of credit card details or online banking credentials.

“FluBot is circulated through Short Message Service and can snoop “on incoming notifications, initiate calls, read or write SMS, and transmit the victim’s contact list to its control centre.”

pretending to be “FedEx, DHL, Correos, and Chrome applications” and compels unsuspecting users to alter the accessibility configurations on their devices in order to maintain a continuous presence on devices.

“The new malware undermines the security of devices by copying fake login screens of prominent banks, and the moment the users enter their login details on the fake pages, their data is harvested and transmitted to the malware operators’ control point from where the data is exploited by intercepting banking-related One Time Passwords and replacing the default SMS app on the targeted Android device.

“Consequently, it secures admittance into the device through SMS and proceeds to transmit similar messages to other contacts that may be on the device it has attacked enticing them into downloading the fake app.

“It suffices to say that, when Flubot infects a device, it can result in incalculable financial losses. Additionally, the malware creates a backdoor which grants access to the user’s device, thus enabling the invader or attacker to perform other criminal actions, including launching other variants of malware




It was a very successful PDP rally today @Anaocha today, the Crown couldn't comport in sitting orders, but broke into a near stampede at the arrival of the Amazon Senator uche Ekwunife and at their tour of the arena, Gov. Val Ozoigbo, Mr Pete Obi, and Senator Uche Ekwunife, the PDP Anaocha member present went out of control. It was awesome to behold the majestic strides and gentle acquaintance of the next Gov *VCO* with members of the Anaocha PDP, he is quite a gentleman. 

It's PDP all the way come November the 6th.

Prince Ifeanyi Onyesoh 

Akaekpuchionwa n' Nri

Friday, October 22, 2021




1. Never mock your HUSBAND:

2. Never mock your FATHER

3. Never mock a true SERVANT OF GOD: 

Your husband is the head of your family. This is God's order. 

Mocking him is defying the laws of God.

Micah mocked David her husband. *She called him a " vain fellow shamelessly uncovering himself". Her womb was closed. She never had a child for David.

When you begin to call your husband names, you are in for serious trouble.

When you mock your husband, it will adversely affect the innocent children.  (Read 2 Samuel 6)

2. Never mock your FATHER:

The Bible is very clear and explicit. Reuben went to sleep with his father's concubine and he ended up with a curse. This is mockery.

Absalom chased his father away from the throne. He died unceremoniously.

Whatever you do to bring shame to your father is mockery.

Mothers, never instigate your children against their father. It will be too dangerous for them. 

Whatever disagreements you have with their father stops with you. Do not extend it.

Remember, the Bible only talks about the Father's Blessing. Let the heart of their father bless the children. 

  Malachi 4:6 says... whosoever separates children from their father, upon them shall be a curse. (NLT)

If you are guilty of this, please humble yourself and go and make things right with your father. If you don't, life will be a struggle for you. Be wise.

3. Never mock a true SERVANT OF GOD: Some youths came out of nowhere and began to chant a mockery song against Elisha. 

They were torn into pieces by bears.

I met an elderly man in Benin who shared his experience. 

He said, on the morning Archbishop Benson Idahosa's death was announced, he was so excited because he hated the man with passion. 

He said he sent for two of his friends and they began to toast to Archbishop's death. 

While still making noise and bantering in his sitting room, some people ran into his house and told him a gravel tipper had just knocked down his son on his way to lectures at Uniben. The young undergraduate died on the spot.

The elderly man in his seventies said..... 'I have learnt never to mock a true servant of God'.

I have a praying group. One of the women there approached me to come lead the husband to Christ on his death bed. 

In humility, the man surrendered his life to Jesus and there was an aura of peace on his embattled face. 

Before he breathed his last, he said...... "All my life, I have mocked servants of God. 

We are 5 friends and all of them died this way. I am the last of them but now I have made peace with God"

Never join anyone to mock true servants of God. 

Job said, what I do not know, I searched out. This is the wisdom of great people. Wise people do not despise SPIRITUAL DIGNITARIES.

Share to HELP address these issues plaguing this generation.


CBN introduces N500m grant for undergraduates, graduates


CBN introduces N500m grant for undergraduates, graduates

The Central Bank of Nigeria has said it will support youths in tertiary institutions with grants to promote entrepreneurship and reduce unemployment.

The CBN disclosed this on Wednesday in a report, titled ‘Guidelines for the implementation of tertiary institutions entrepreneurship scheme’.

“Five top Nigerian polytechnics and universities with the best entrepreneurial pitches/ideas shall be awarded as follows: first place – N150m; second place – N120m; third place – N100m; fourth place – N80m; and fifth place – N50m,” it said.

It added that activities to be covered under the scheme would include innovative start-ups and existing businesses owned by graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities in areas such as agribusiness, information technology, creative industry, as well as science and technology.

The CBN said agribusiness would include production, processing, storage and logistics, while information technology would include application/software development, business process outsourcing, robotics and data management.

It said the creative industry would include entertainment, artwork, publishing, culinary/event management, fashion, photography, beauty/cosmetics; while science and technology would include medical innovation, robotics, ticketing systems, traffic systems, renewable energy, and waste management.

The beneficiary must apply on the dedicated online portal and provide all requisite documentation to support the application, the CBN said.

It noted that priority would be given to innovative entrepreneurial activities with high potential for export, job creation and transformational impact.