How To Know You Are Losing Feelings And Falling Out of Love With Your Partner.

 How To Know You Are Losing Feelings And Falling Out of Love With Your Partner.

Sometimes in a relationship you will not know that you are losing interest, you will not know that things are going bad in a relationship, you may not know you are hurting your partner with your actions, you will not know that someone is dying in silence the way you are responding in the relationship. When a relationship is going bad there are signs of how to know you are losing interest. You are getting tired and fed up with the relationship so many things are going on that are creating the problem, below are the signs to show you are losing interest in your relationship.

You stop caring, when you don’t love someone again the way you care for them will drop dramatically, it is natural that you stop caring because you have stop feeling the way you used to feel because your love is based on your feelings as you are losing the feelings it affected what you are contributing the relationship, if you find out you are stopping doing the right things you are doing you are beginning you’re losing interest in the relationship.

You stop calling and texting, all of a sudden you don’t see anything wrong not calling or texting your partner, you have begin to fool around can’t you say hi, you see communication as a budding, you are being reluctant in doing things like calling, texting and be with your partner, it’s obvious you’re losing interest relationship. 

You start displaying a don’t care attitude, your behavior is now obvious you don’t care anymore, your don’t care attitude is now open to everybody to see.

You have become very rude. Damn you’ve become absolutely rude. You talk to your partner anyhow you are an abuser, sometimes you end up saying some things that hurt them, the worst part of it you don’t even care, no remorse, you don’t even care how they feel about your actions.

You are becoming unbearable, deep down you know that your attitude is becoming unbearable sometime you sit down and think about the things you said or do and you notice you are being unfair to your partner, when you find out you are becoming unbearable with your attitude and your way of life, you are losing interest in the relationship.

No respect, another sign is when you stop respecting your partner, when you start disrespecting them, when you start not to listen to them, when you start doing as you like, when you start doing everything wrong, lack of respect destroy relationship, lack of respect kill feelings, lack of respect means end of relationship. 

Start seeing bad in everything they do, everything looks bad to you. You don’t see anything good in your partner anymore, whatever he does is a problem. You find fault in everything. You always find a reason to complain. You just don’t feel satisfied with anything they do again, when you begin to see your partner in such a way you are beginning to get tired and losing interest in the relationship.

No more love making, you limit being with your partner, there’s no much closure, everything happened once in a while not regularly anymore, even you don’t enjoy it, you just give him once in a while, when you’re not seeing joy in what you used to see joy on, you are losing interest in such a relationship.

Small things irritate you, everything now a problem, every small thing becoming a problem, you’re creating unnecessary problems from it, you are just looking for a way to nag and complain, small thing that shouldn’t affect you now affecting you, small thing you suppose overlook you don’t want to overlook it, it seem that everything irritate you, when everything things irritate you like that you are losing interest in your relationship. 

You start feeling tired of your relationship and partner. When all you want is to break up, when all you think about is how to end everything, when you begin to think that there’s no future anymore, when you begin to feel the relationship is not working anymore. 

There’s more quarrels than love, no relationship without fighting when you find two of you are fighting more, when you fight everyday, when the quarrels are becoming too much, when misunderstanding is like a food in the relationship. Obviously the relationship is having problems and needs urgent attention.

No fun, no happiness and no peace of mind. Everything has become complicated, the love is dying, there’s no attention, nobody’s making time for each other, the attention is not there anymore, there is no fun and happiness, it seem that there’s no more peace, you are not seeing any peace in the relationship, you don’t have peace in the relationship, you don’t have peace of mind, it seem your relationship life like a sad story.

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