What to know about relationships


Italian Relationship:

1st day= Sex

2nd day= Sex again.

French Relationship:

1st day = movies & kiss

2nd day = Sex

3rd day = Sex again

British Relationship:

1st day= hangout & kiss

2nd day = kiss & hug

3rd day= kissing, hug and smooching

4th day = sex and more sex

American Relationship:

1st day= Date

2nd day= Hug

3rd day= Hug again (warmly)

4th day= Kiss

5th day= Long kiss

6th day= Sex

Nigeria Relationship:

1st day= Toast

2nd day= Toast

3rd day= Toast again

4th day= Agree

5th day= Date

6th day= Date again

7th day= Date again with three of her hungry friends or cousins.

8th day= Date & Hug

9th day= Tried to peck but failed.

10th day = Peck

11th day= Tried to kiss but failed.

12th day= kiss.

13th day= Long kiss.

14th day= Tried to have sex but failed.

15th day= Tried to have sex but quarrelled

16th day= Didn't talk to each other.

17th day= Malice till the next day.

18th day= The man called but the woman didn't pick.

19th day= The man called, the woman picked and asked: "what is it?"

The man apologized and she replied: "Leave me alone, am not your type of girl".

The man continued to beg till the next day.

20th day= The woman accepted the unwarranted apology.

21st day= Hug.

22nd day= Long hug.

23rd day= Kiss.

24th day= Long kiss.

25th day= Tried to have sex but the woman complains that her phone is bad. Guy promises to buy her a new one.

26th day= Tried to have sex but the woman said until he buys the phone.

27th day= Tried to have sex but the woman asked: "where is the phone? You are not serious, call me when you are serious".

28th day= "Rape".

29th day= Police case.

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‘They didn’t understand’ – Tinubu breaks silence on alleged N3.7b budget padding


‘They didn’t understand’ – Tinubu breaks silence on alleged N3.7b budget padding

President Bola Tinubu has said that those alleging embellishments in the 2024 budget did not understand arithmetic.

News Direct recalls that the 2024 budget was shrouded in controversy following allegations by Senator Abdul Ningi representing Bauchi Central, saying over N3.7 trillion in the budget could not be traced to any project.

The allegations, which landed him three-month suspension, stimulated reactions from concerned Nigerians across the country.

Speaking on the matter, Tinubu while hosting the leadership of the Senate to a dinner to break the Ramadan fast at the State House on Thursday in Abuja, assured the lawmakers that their integrity was still intact.

“I know the arithmetic of the budget and the numbers that I brought to the National Assembly, and I know what numbers came back. I appreciate all of you for the expeditious handling of the budget. Thank you very much.

“Those who are talking about malicious embellishment in the budget, they did not understand the arithmetic and did not refer to the baseline of what I brought. But your integrity is intact.

“I am grateful for what you have been doing. The natural challenge we are facing will be over.

“On the current economic difficulty, we are about turning the corner. Our revenue has improved. All we have to do is to control expenditure and manage ourselves better,” the President said.

Tinubu thanked members of the National Assembly for the speedy attention given to the Students Loan Amendment Bill, urging more tolerance, forgiveness, and charity during Ramadan.


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