lawmaker threw a microphone at the Minister of State for Labour and Employment,

A yet to be identified lawmaker threw a microphone at the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Mr Festus Keyamo during a meeting with members of the Senate and House of Representatives Joint Committee on Labour on Tuesday.

The lawmakers invited Keyamo to provide details of the Special Public Works Programme where 774,000 people would be recruited by the Federal Government under the National Directorate of Employment (NDE).

During the meeting which was held at the National Assembly in Abuja, members of the Senate and House of Representatives Joint Committee on Labour sought to find out the method of selection of a 20-man committee from each state for the programme.

A heated argument ensued between committee members and Keyamo over who should head the programme which was to be domiciled under the NDE when a lawmaker threw the microphone at the Labour Minister.

As the argument continued, the lawmakers decided to go into a closed-door session to discuss the matter, but the minister refused, insisting that further discussions be held in the presence of journalists.

This enraged the lawmakers who told Keyamo to apologise to the committee, but he ignored them.

Thereafter, the minister was asked to leave the meeting since he refused to apologise to the committee members.

The lawmakers claimed that Keyamo has no right to direct the committee on how to conduct its proceedings.

This comes a day after the minister inaugurated a 20-man committee in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by virtual means.

According to him, 1,000 persons would be selected from each of the 774 local government areas in the country to be engaged by the government in the Special Public Works Programme.

Second Time Lockdown, Federal Government Extends Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Lockdown for Another four (4) Weeks.

Only a Blind and Deaf Nigerian will say that he or she hasn’t heard or seen that the number of coronavirus Cases has increased drastically ever since President Muhammadu Buhari eased the lockdown. It is important however to note that it is most severe in some States than others.

As a result of this, if government is going to place a restriction or considering another lockdown, then it should be on the states with the highest and increasing number of coronavirus Cases. So, in this article you are going to see the states that should be put on Total Lockdown in July from my own opinion and jurisdiction.

Below are the 10 States That Should be Put on Total Lockdown in July;

  1. Lagos State – this is because it is currently topping the list when it comes to the number of cases in the country with 259 cases.
  2. Oyo state – this is another state that should be put on a Total Lockdown without movement as it is second on the list with 76 cases.
  3. Katsina – 69
  4. Delta – 66
  5. Rivers – 46
  6. Ogun – 23
  7. Edo – 22
  8. Osun – 22
  9. Ebonyi – 21
  10. FCT – 20

These are the 10 states in Nigeria that Should be Put on lockdown in July for the safety of the masses. The increase in cases only point to the fact that the states aren’t following the laid down directives strictly.

BREAKING: Federal Government Extends Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Lockdown for Another four (4) Weeks.


Federal Government Extends Phase 2 of the COVID-19Lockdown for Another four (4) Weeks.

  Curfew is still from 10pm - 4am

  Wearing of Facial Mask is still Compulsory for everyone

   Domestic Flight are to resume Immediately.

   InterState Travelling will resume 1st July, 2020.
Vehicles must be filled at 50%.
And all Passengers must put on Face Mask.

    Funerals & Wedding Gathering Should not be more than 20 persons (Including family members).

    Churches and Mosques activities will remain as it was in Phase 2

   School are to remain shut, but those who are eligible for promotional class will be allowed to sit for the exam (ie Students preparing for Common entrance, Student preparing for Junior Waec and Students preparing for WAEC

   Restriction on Sport and Recreational Activity is still in Operation.

   Banks Financial Institutions are to continue their normal Operation as allowed in Phase 2

    Eighteen (18) Local Government Areas in Nigeria account for 60% of COVID-19 cases and those Local Government Areas have to be locked down to contain the spread of the Pandemic in the country.

The precision lockdown would be implemented by the Governors of the States where the 18 Local Governments Reside.

 PTF Chairman On COVID-19, Boss Mustapha

May God Help 

Never Date These 5 Types Of Man,Dating is a very good learning experience

Dating is a very good learning experiece. You find out what you like and don’t like in potential mates, and you also get to know a lot about yourself. The search for love can be frustrating, though, and sometimes, you'll find yourself wanting to overlook certain qualities in order to finally end the search. But, as someone who has dated my fair share of men, trust me when I say that none of the following types are worth putting up with.

Some of these may seem very obvious, but even the smartest of women sometimes gloss over the red flags:


When you first meet a guy like this, you feel so lucky to have found someone creative, interesting and smart. He is on his best behavior, but because past friends and lovers have told him his drinking is sometimes problematic, he keeps it to a minimum around you. Once he gets comfortable, though, he allows himself to get drunk because he just wants to have fun like everyone else. That’s when the monster comes out. Suddenly, this guy is spewing the most hateful, nastiest things you’ve ever heard. He doesn’t even seem like the same person. He becomes like a petulant child who you feel the need to babysit, and his behaviors become dangerous and erratic. He gets into fights, throws things and refuses to listen to anyone. It’s frustrating and confusing because this guy is so normal and cool when he’s sober. But, this is all evidence of some deep and major issues with which he has clearly not dealt. I know what it’s like to want to try and fix this broken person, but it’s not worth your patience and sanity. He has to deal with it on his own.


The Alcoholic is very different from the Jekyll-and-Hyde Drunk. The Alcoholic is a person who usually keeps it together and rarely acts irrationally. But, this is because he is always self-medicating. His issues emerge when he's sober, so he would rather just block that all out and numb anything that resembles feelings. You wonder if you’ve ever hung out with him when he's sober. Sometimes, you don’t even notice his drinking because it’s so normal for him. He rarely drives anywhere and always wants to end the night at his place so he can have one more (or five more) cocktails from his own stash. These people never have clear heads, so you can never be sure who they are. Nothing ever gets too real, deep or personal. You try to suggest sober activities, but they don’t usually seem interested.

Alcoholics don’t really want to engage with you in the light of day, without the comfort of their drinks.


This type of guy is someone you hooked up with while he was in a relationship. He insisted they were “on a break,” or things were so bad with his girlfriend that they were definitely breaking up anyway, so it was fine. You knew it was wrong and you didn’t want to do it, but your heart just couldn’t help it. He was just so charming and enamored with you. Once this guy gets you hooked, you think you're the right person for him, and he and his ex were wrong for each other. You were both attracted to each other by the universe and it was meant to be. Get real. He's probably going to cheat on you, too. Sorry. Why would he act differently with other girls? He sees something he wants and he goes after it. Right and wrong don’t mean much to him — only personal gain and pleasure. If he gets caught, he has at least five excuses in his back pocket he can use on you. This guy probably not only cheats with women, but in life, too. He probably cheats on tests, steals other people’s ideas and does whatever he needs to to get ahead at work. He is usually very smart and calculating; a smooth talker who gets what he wants by charming his way out of any sort of discipline. He's constantly making excuses for his behavior. Proceed at your own risk.


This guy constantly makes you feel bad about everything: what you’re wearing, how much makeup you have on, how you do your hair, what you eat, etc. He belittles your intelligence and questions every idea you have. He doesn’t support what you do and makes snide comments about it regularly. He gets jealous frequently, always wants to know where you are and what you’re doing. He’s probably also a misogynist, though he would obviously never admit it.

I have never dated this type because there is no way in hell I could put up with someone doing that to me all the time — but my friends have. Their boyfriends made them feel so small and insignificant that they ended up changing so many of their unique qualities just for this assh*le. The most extreme version of The Controller is someone who is abusive. It's a no-brainer to avoid this guy, but some women get in too deep before they even realize he is capable of such an atrocity. You have to constantly pay attention to how any potential lover treats other people. Is he mean to waiters or customer service reps? Is he abusive to animals? Is he hypercritical of everyone around him? Those are signs of a controlling person.


This is a guy to avoid, but he's less egregious than the others. Still, he will emotionally ruin you. This guy usually has it all together; he's mature and wise. He treats you very well and loves spending time with you. And, you want so badly for that to be enough, but you are constantly craving more. It’s like pulling teeth to get him to talk about the future. He’s happy where you both are, so why would he want to ruin that? He would never talk about moving in together or marriage seriously, even after more than a year of dating.

He just likes to cruise along and have someone to spend time with when he wants it; other than that, your lives are pretty separate. He is Mr. Big. If you are the most patient person on the planet and you are not at all looking for something that has the potential to last forever, then go ahead and be with this guy. If you are afraid of commitment, as well, he could be a perfect match for you. But, for anyone else, this is definitely a type of guy to avoid. They may seem very hard to come by, but there are many great men out there, so never allow yourself to fall for one of the bad ones.

Life is too short to put up with all that.



By Dr Kenneth Anozie

The race for _Agu Awka_ is gradually picking steam. Interests are rising and Stakeholders in the Anambra State Political Project are making strategic moves, while Aspirants from various parties are springing up in droves. 

APGA has held the key to _Agu Awka_ now for close to 15 years and by the time the incumbent would have completed his tenure in 2022, the party would have been in office for good 16 years, with pockets of _interrugnums_. 

PDP is always the party to beat in Anambra State. Despite losing the seat of power in 2015 at Abuja, the party has remained resilient in Anambra State, winning elections in every round of vote across the State. 

Today, PDP holds 2 Senatorial District Seats and 6 HoR seats. Also, 6 House of Assembly Seats in Anambra belong to PDP. 

Proper analysis of the party preference for voters in Anambra State will always show that PDP dominates in the ~choice~ hearts of _Ndi Anambra._ 

PDP controls about 58% of votes.
APC controls about 8% votes, while APGA controls about 30% votes in Anambra. What happens most of the time is that PDP voters react to the choices of the Candidates PDP presents during elections and vote according to their personal or collective perception about that particular candidate. This has always been the problem. It is PDP that gives victory to other parties through very costly mistakes bothering on choice of candidates.

Now, let's break it down

 In the 2019 election, PDP dominated the Federal elections; Presidential, Senate, and House of Representatives. Many believe that the 600+ votes "allocated" to PDP in Anambra in the 2019 Presidential election was far below what the Party merited. Many also believe that PDP was entitled to something like 1.2 million votes. The anger of _Ndi Igbo_ was quite palpable, coupled with the Party's choice of Vice Presidential Candidate in the person of Gov. Peter Obi. 

Senators Uche Ekwunife and Stella Odua easily brushed past their opponents winning landslide in their respective Districts. Why did Chief Chris Uba lose his own despite the wave of PDP dominance in the elections then? The simple answer is the choice of the person. Loyal PDP voters still vote for their party, but most undecided voters choose other persons and parties. 

This scenario is what PDP must avoid in the 2021 race for Agu Awka. A winnable Candidate must be fielded to avoid a backlash

From all indices emanating from the Anambra electorate, they are at home with the aspirants they are home with. That is to say, "the devil we know may be more acceptable than the Angel we don't know"!

The PDP Delegates have a moral burden not to disappoint the electorate by ensuring that they choose someone that will easily brush aside anyone APGA or any other Party may present. 

  No doubt, YPP and APC are in contention in this election, but their story or extent of success still depends on who PDP presents.* 

Now, the PDP has five formidable aspirants, based on their Network, Networth, acceptability and Past Records;

1. Iyom Senator Uche Ekwunife
2. Hon Chris Azubogu
3 Dr Obiora Okonkwo
4. Dr Godwin Maduka
5. Mr Val Ozigbo

These are the top five. Also we have the following who are no pushovers, but I may refer to them as underdogs;

Mr Godwin Ezeemo, Chief Ugochukwu Okeke, 
Bar Oligbo, 
Hon Chuma Nzeribe, and others who may yet declare. 

The strengths of all the above Aspirants will be discussed in detail subsequently, but suffice it to say that from the look of things, *one of the aspirants have pulled up as a front runner, undisputably;* Distinguished Senator Uche Ekwunife, (Iyom), Adaugo Igboukwu, Anyanwu Nri Kingdom.

First her records;


1. Distribution of 22 pieces of Tricycles to youths, June 2019
2. Skills Acquisition Training for Youths in partnership with NDE and the New Partnership for African Development, NEPAD Nigeria, June 2019
3.  Distribution of another 44 pieces of Tricycles, July 2019
4. Medical Outreach programme in the 58 communities of Anambra Central Senatorial District, December 2019
5. Distribution of Educational Materials to 151 primary and secondary schools in Anambra Central Senatorial District, February 2020
6. ICT training for Youths and the distribution of 50 HP laptop computers to participants, February 2020
7. Facilitation of one month Special Engineering Training for 5 young engineers from Anambra Central Senatorial District at the Scientific Equipment Development Institute. (SEDI), Enugu, February 2020
8. Distribution of another batch of 22 pieces of Tricycles, February 2020.
9. Distribution of different kinds of Covid-19 Palliative Materials (Food items, Protective Items & Cash Support) to over 113 Communities within Anambra Central. April 2020

1. National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019
2. Public Procurement (Amendment) Bill, 2019
3. Penal Code Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019
4. Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019
5. 1999 Constitution (Alteration) Bill, 2019
6. Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute Establishment Bill, 2020
7. National Biosafety Management Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020
8. Energy Commission of Nigeria (Amendment Act) Bill 2020.
9. Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Act. (Amendment) Bill 2020
10. National Emergency Maintenance Agency (Amendment Act) 2019.
11. National Broadcasting Commission (Amendment Bill) 2020
12. Establishment Quarantine Centre in All States. (Amendment Bill) 2020
13. Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (Amendment Act). 2020.
14. Ecological Fund Office (Amendment Bill).
15. Constitution Amendment on Local Government Autonomy Bill. 2020

1. Motion of urgent national importance on the devastating storm in Obosi, Nkpor and Oraukwu communities of Anambra State
2.  Motion on the Proliferation of Fake Medical Reports from Public Hospitals in Nigeria.
3. Motion on Digitization/Automation of Collection and Remittance on Withholding Tax on Bank Deposits and Dividends Payments for an Enhanced Internally Generated Revenue
4. Motion on the need to complete the abandoned Greater Awka Water Scheme by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources.
5. Motion on Present status of 5th Generation (5G) Network in Nigeria.
6. Motion on the fire incident at ochanja market and upper iweka area of Onitsha Anambra State.
7. Motion on Fire Outbreak at Old Motor spare parts Market (Mgbuka Market)Obosi Anambra State.
8. Motion on United States imposition of visa ban on Nigeria.
9. Motion on the need to appoint more Justices to fill the vacancies in the Supreme Court on Nigeria.
10. Motion on fire outbreak at building Material Market Ogidi and Loretto Special Science School Adazi-Nnukwu.
11. Motion on the need to prioritize small and medium enterprises in the Federal Government’s Covid-19 Interventions.
12. Motion on death of a Nigerian Ph.D. Student in Malaysia on July, 2019.
13. Motion for National Recognition of Prof. Humphrey Nwosu for his role in making June, 12 our New Democracy Day.
14. Motion on the need to celebrate our children and to look into their welfare
15. Motion on the very urgent need to undertake Emergency Maintenance Repairs on Federal Highways in various parts of the country before the rainy season sets in.

1. Contribution against the non-inclusion of South East on the Board of the Nigerian Communications Commission
2. Contributions on the need for the Federal government to alleviate the sufferings of the victims of fire disaster at Ochanja market, Onitsha.
3. Contributions on the hardship citizens faced over the existence of numerous road blocks on Nigerian roads, and the unprofessional conduct of most security officers.
4. Contributions on the need to strengthen the security at all Airports in the country, and the needs for politicians and their aides to subject themselves to security checks.
5. She has contributed so much in developing and encouraging made in Nigeria products, as at today she is the only Senator among the 109 members using a made in Nigeria (INNOSON _Ikenga)car as her official car.

Senator Uche Ekwunife has so far facilitated employment for eighty (85) graduates in the last one year.

The above achievements are in no way exhaustive, but we can hold on to this to further elucidate why her choice by the party will trigger massive votes for PDP towards _Agu Awka_ in 2021. 

Political Activities

 Recently, Iyom Senator Uche Ekwunife engaged all the critical Stakeholders, Delegates from the Wards to the State in a crucial interactive meetings where she marshalled in unmistakable, audacious ways, how her choice can bring victory to PDP in 2021. She never in all her speeches castigated any of her fellow aspirants, but rather poured great encomiums on all of them for their contributions to the Party, their accomplishments in life, and for their support to the people of Anambra State. 

As a woman that she is, she knows the value of encouragement. And she, no doubt extended a hand of fellowship to all the aspirants so they can unite and get what is due to the party for the benefit of _Ndi Anambra_, and further development of the State. Iyom knows how to win elections. She has won four, and once made a very big and bold dash for the Governorship in 2010. 

Let me say this; the three factors that will bring victory to Iyom are;

1. The power of Divinity, God Factor
2. The ability to deploy her feminity with astounding dexirity in the mobilization of both female and male voters
3. Her unparalleled accomplishments and empowerment schemes, plus her records

Everyone will not be a Govenor at the same time. It is _turn by turn._ No doubt, this season belongs to Iyom, and all we as Ndi Anambra can do is to allow her use it for the further development of Anambra State. 


PUT ON THE LIGHT One day I visited a friend of mine,Thomas Okefor FOR OTHERS TO SEE.


"One day I visited a friend of mine,Thomas Okefor who is blind. And because it was night he did something that taught me a lot.

Upon entering the house, Thomas switched on the light.
And I asked him "Thomas, why did you put on the light yet you can't see?"...Thomas laughed for a long time, switched off the light and went to the kitchen, after a short while he came with a pot of tea and eggs, placed them perfectly well on the table and switched on the light again

What Thomas said made me shed tears because he said to me, Ogartaks  ! ...... I did not put on the light for my own sake or because I needed it, I did it for you because you needed it since you are not blind like me". 

    Then he asked me, "Ojong!! How many times have you switched off the light for other people and denied them an opportunity to see light just because you yourself do not need it?". I thought about that so deeply

I ask you the same question today, How many times have you put off your lights and denied others an opportunity to see the light while they are in darkness???

    Why would you let your accounts grow to millions while your brother's child is going barefooted?

     Why would you put clothes you don't wear in the bin while someone out there is almost going naked?

     Why would food rot in your house while there is someone out there sleeping hungry?

    Why will you see a business opportunity and hide it without sharing with your friends when you know you wont use it?

    Why will you be in a position to help someone get promotion or a new job and you keep it because the person is not from your family, tribe or religion?

   Why will you defame your brother or sister just because you don't want someone to help them?

  Each of The Questions Above Is Equivalent To Switching Off The Light!.

These are the things we should be mindful of as Humans.

 Let's start focusing on what pleases Our Creator And Humanity. This is true religion, helping the needy and being there for those who do not have a voice.


Read How Fraudsters Hacking People Account

Somebody called me with this phone number
07060714545 telling me he was doing some
registration online and he mistakenly put my
number on what he was registering, that my
number is similar to his number and that the
password of what he was registering was sent
to my phone which I actually saw as 6310.
He was now appealing to me to give him the
reset code that was sent to my phone so that
he could finish his registration. I told him to
call me with the number he claimed was
similar to mine so that I could verify his
claim, he told me he didn't have credit in that
I got online to find out more, only to discover
he was actually trying to reset my bank
online/yahoomail password and that he is a
fraudster, an account hacker and also a 419er.

If I had given him the code which was sent to
my phone, he would have used it to reset my
bank online/mobile app account.
Please let us be careful and vigilant.
Fraudsters are devising new ways every day.
This is a new way of defrauding people...
Share to prevent others from being defrauded.
    I care............please beware sent as received.


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