When Mr Peter Obi Becomes The President Of Nigeria by M.I.J OKOYE...


When Mr Peter Obi Becomes The President Of Nigeria by M.I.J OKOYE...

In the last 8years, businesses folded because politics became more lucrative, hence the influx of investors and businessman venturing into it and abandoning trending businesses in the country. But when Peter Obi becomes the president, in the next 8years, businesses will be revived and reinvigorated, businesses will boom because politics will be solely about service and delivery of good governance, and not for ephemeral gains hence dousing the interests, scamperings and agitations for political appointments by many predators and scavengers!

When Peter Obi becomes the president, young undergraduates will focus more on their studies rather than engage more in unionism and formations of sects for courtesy calls with view of snowballing into mainstream politics which is now seen as a GET RICH QUICK scheme.

With Mr Peter Obi as the president, young undergraduates will be forced to rejig their brains, mentalities and approaches from thinking and seeing politics as the easiest way and shortest cut to affluence and affluence. Rather youths will focus more on self development and skill acquisition so as to measure up with their contemporaries rather than work strategically to gaining admission as appointees into the college of FOOD ON THE TABLE.

Once Peter Obi is declared president, the stench from the gutters on our streets will fizzle out, the nation will breathe a new aura and ambience of alluring beauty, life and lights will return to our States and cities, life will spring up in Awulian City, a once revered and choicest destination for business, leisure and merriment. 

When Peter Obi becomes the president, myriads of political appointees in office recruiting young people into cartels as loyalist will effortlessly diminish as we will return to the days where appointees were scarcely found littering around the media space clout chasing, owing to little or no work to engage them. 

The unwarranted recruitment for smear campaigns through vile, guile, bile, spurious and derogatory media blackmail tagged "DRAGGING" will fade, wane and ebb as just a handful of persons will be saddled with responsibilities, thereby having only the well meaning masses to contend with. Governance and government will be coordinated and the real effect felt as we wouldn't witness the wanton abuse and debasement of office and portfolios like cases where you will find an acclaimed government appointee who cannot spell his or her name, yet draws monthly stipends for doing nothing then go about constituting public nuisance!

When Peter Obi becomes the president, small and medium scale businesses will thrive and boom as Civil servants who are the major drivers of this sector will regain their relevance and purchasing power to buy whatever they want, whenever, and however.. 

I know with Peter Obi, governance in the next 8 years will be very serious and interesting, the simple and common things that makes life interesting and eases it cares will be attended to whilst attempting to bring to full effect and functionality the complex visions.

Summarily, if Mr Peter Obi becomes the president of Nigeria, life will be sweet again, and Nigeria will certainly return to her good old glory days as the true giant of Africa where all and sundry will yearn to come and live and be at rest.

All that is required of us now is our sincere commitments and prayers to having this dream come to fruition through one prayer: "MAY Mr. Peter Obi succeed in court."

If the judiciary is transparent and unbiased, then Mr Peter Obi must be Nigeria's president! And Nigeria shall be great again!!

Let's keep hopes alive!!!


Writing from Umuawulu for Higher Power Media..

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