Here Are Three Things You Should Not Tell Anyone



Three things you should not tell anyone

Everybody has a secret, something that you treasure or a past that wouldn’t want any body to know about. there are three things of upmost importance that you should not tell anyone even your best of friends if you want to succeed in life because your best friend can be your enemy in the long run.…..

Here Are Three Things You Should Not Tell Anyone.

1. Your relationship: Your relationship life should be kept a secret because you don’t know who wants it destroyed. Many couples have broken up with their spouses simply because of their inability to keep their marital affairs private.

2. Your life plans: Your life plans are the things that you set or focus on achieving in life, it .at be a long term or short term plan but whichever, you should endeavor to keep them private because not everyone wants you to become great in life. Your dreams and plans should be kept a secret. Remember that, a lot of forces, both human and spiritual are fighting against you, however, exposing your plans means exposing your life and telling your enemies how to hurt you.

Trust no one when it comes to your plans, keep them to yourself, make them known only when you have achieved them because any body can used by the devil to destroy your dreams and stop you half way.

3. Your secret. There are secrets that should be kept a secret in your life. If may be secret to wealth, business secret, secret of income or a terrible past that you would not want any one to know of. These secrets are best left between you and God.

Every great and successful man has his secrets, your secret differentiates you from the crowd. Let’s take Samson and delilah as a case study. The Philistines on many occasions have tried to no avail to destroy the Nazareth. But happened when he disclosed his secret to Delilah? His life was cut short. Mind the people you keep as friends and always keep certain things a secret best known to only you.…..

God bless you

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