six (6) types of women you should never marry;


Their are six (6) types of women you should never marry as a man. These characteristics may either cause broken home in future or give you a life time sadness.

Check below the six (6) types of women you should never marry;

1.Avoid a woman who puts herself first ,

and puts herself before everybody else in her life. She won’t be there when you need her.

2. Materialistic/Money Freak

To be fair, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a preference for the worldly goods. But if she’s only attracted to you because of the presents you give her, it may be time for you to rethink the direction of your relationship. The type of woman you should avoid marrying is the one who continually speaks about buying gifts, shopping for her or taking her out to dinner, and who isn’t available when she has to be when you need her emotionally.

3. The one who lies often

A person who lies always about things should think twice about getting married to them. In a marriage when you’re continually being lied to, it’s not the ideal situation.

4. Miss Suspiciously Jealous

Because she is so distrustful, this woman is constantly on edge. Because she’s been burned so many times, she’s on high alert for anything that doesn’t feel or look right. An attractive man will want to persuade this woman that he is not the kind of guy she had an unpleasant experience with when they first met. The only way for him to leave her is if she accuses him once or too many times. He can’t live his life being prosecuted for other people’s crimes.

5. Mummy’s muppet

In the eyes of a guy, a woman who constantly returns to her mother for solutions, divulges all about her connection with her mother, and refuses to make a decision without consulting her mother is unattractive. Focus on putting your best self out there because most men just want a happy and easygoing lady with decent values.

6. Control Freak

You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with this individual. This woman is a tyrant who expects to be in charge of everything. There are times when she acts like a domineering figure in the relationship. She picks the movies, orders the meal, and solves all the puzzles without your permission. One of the most debilitating feelings in life is not knowing where you fit into the scheme of things.

I hope you enjoyed the six (6) types of women you should never marry, please leave your comment below.

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