Three Things That Will Make A Girl Think About You


Guys, if you want to get a woman obsessed with you, you need to start with an accurate understanding of female psychology. Many males erroneously believe that their interactions with women should mirror those with other guys. You should be aware that the psychological needs of men and women are different.

If you want a lady to constantly be thinking about you, you need to show her how you stand out from the crowd. You need to be willing to take risks that few other males are willing to take. The more disinterested you appear in a lady, the more she will be drawn to you.

Most men today are clueless when it comes to how to properly treat a woman, which is a major contributing factor to the widespread prevalence of dysfunctional marriages and partnerships in today's society. Here are three foolproof methods guaranteed to get any woman completely besotted with you.

1. Try to keep yourself busier than she would expect.

You need to use extreme caution since you cannot bring to you that which you seek. You can't let a woman be the center of your universe as a male. And this is where a lot of men go wrong. Your accomplishments are what make you who you are as a guy, and not even a woman can take that away from you. Many guys mistakenly believe that constantly communicating with their girlfriends through chat, phone calls, and messages can increase their affection from their female partners.

Women have little interest in dating men who are always bored. Having your dating options open 24/7 will make you appear desperate and cheap. Instead of squandering all of your time on a woman, you should focus on advancing your job and securing your future. Women are like junk food; the less you offer them, the more they want.

2. Put off making a decision

One of the most important things you can do for your new romance is this. Even if you really want the girl, don't make it obvious. Put an end to the constant displays of affection throughout this period of your relationship.

If you don't fulfill your part of the relationship early on, the female will start wondering why you don't have her full attention. In spite of popular belief, a man's best efforts to maintain a woman do not consist of lavishing her with his undivided attention and resolute dedication. Keep a woman wondering no matter what you do.

3. Don't respond to or even look at her texts.

All relationships require communication, but how that communication is conducted is crucial. While technological advancements have made communication simpler, a delicate balancing act is still required while talking to the lady you love. Who told you that you have to be the one to send the initial text message to a girl? Who told you that you had to text back a girl the second she did?

Don't feel like you have to respond to her texts right away. Also, don't feel like you have to send a text the second you spot her online. Don't rush to answer her SMS; think about it for a while. You can maintain her interest in you by doing this. If you don't answer her, she'll keep wondering what's going on.

Keep some moderation in mind as you go about doing these activities. Overdoing it might be disastrous for your partnership. 

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