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When Tinubu started his moves to support Buhari after 3 failed attempts to get back to power in 2014,Pa Adebanjo elaborately lectured Tinubu on the danger of the  course of action he was taking. 

He told Tinubu not to trust Buhari. That Buhari is part of the irredentists extremists Northern power block that believes on thier wing of the North being  in power in Nigeria in perpetuity.

Pa Adebanjo told Tinubu that this power block of the North betrayed Awolowo,jailed him and disgraced other Yoruba leaders.

They did the same to Abiola. They would do the same thing with him. Tinubu did not listen.

I have no sympathy for Tinubu or Amaechi. 

Amaechi used the funds of his people to betray them and promote the interests of the enemies of his people.

Amaechi danced on the grave of Chief Melford Obiene Okilo,a doged fighter for the  Minority cause in Nigeria. 

Amaechi thought he will be a better slave,by betraying his people and working for thier enemies. 

He refused to listen to Okilo's former personal physician,who later became governor of Rivers State,Peter Odili.

Amaechi's grass to grace story began with Odili,who made him a member of the Rivers State House Of Assembly from been a nobody. 

Odili hoisted him on the Rivers people as a speaker for 8 years and then made him gov. 

Amaechi,bitten by the Olighacic bug,betrayed Odili,betrayed his people,betrayed his own president and worked with Tinubu to dethrone Jonathan,his fellow Rivers man,who later moved to Bayelsa State. But Jonathan's  wife,Faka,is from Rivers State.

Tinubu and Amaechi have been used and dumped. They were all warned. These are the arrowheads of the wasted 8 years Nigeria has had since 1960. I can name all of them one by one,but I live you with that to name as an assignment. 

Non of them will be president. And all of them will be so utterly disgraced that,they may end up in jail,just like Awolowo and Abiola did. 

That is the price of thinking that the enemies of your people will be your best friends.

What this 2 with thier followers have led Nigeria through,will take more than 50 years to undo. But the impact on them will start by Monday.

For those who don't know,I don't believe neither Tinubu nor Amaechi nor thier followers are smart people. 

Smart people learn from thier history, learn from thier environment and listen to thier elders. 

And so let the abuse start. Of course Tinubu will start it. Amaechi will soon follow. 

In all this,it is the Nigerians that I again, will blame. Why do you think a good thing will Come from a bad thing? Why do you think thieves,criminals,betrayers,will not be what they are; thieves,criminals,betrayers

Let's  not forget that there are 2 Northern power blocks,according to Dr Edwin Madunagu.

Madunagu in his several published works on Nigeria's Political history and struggle for power analysed clearly these 2 power blocks.

 The Liberal and progressive Northerners who will do everything for the unity and progress of Nigeria.

 This is the power block of Mallam Saidu Zungur,the first Hausa man to go to school in the south,Yabatech,Lagos. 

Zungur would later radicalize his student Aminu kano,with whom they formed What would later be NPC. 

Disagreements with the Saudauna and his followers on principles,made Zungur to form NEPU where he brought in his student, Mallam Aminu Kano to head. 

The followers of Saidu Zungur and  Aminu kano are still fighting the battle for the liberation of the Talakawas  that they started in the 50s upto date. 

This is the Progressive North that any serious Southerner will work with to to get power.

Then the Irredendists extremists northerners,who will do everything to ensure the North retains power just for the sake of being in control,who will use religion,culture and any negativity to retain power. 

The latter North is what Tinubu and Amaechi helped foist on the whole Country. 

Buhari was rejected  several times by the former North. But Tinubu and Amaechi naively,deceived Nigerians into putting it in power. The consequences are here for everybody to see.

How will the people remove this worse section of the North from power and reposition Nigeria unto the road of recovery?

 My next intervention will proffer the way foward after a presidential candidate has emerged from the APC,hoping,he will not be part of this same North.

(C) Barr. Acka,Reubens,Ordughga,a commentator on National Affairs,writes from,Maitama,Abuja.

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