My mother gave birth to four boys and I happened to be the first of this fold.

 My mother gave birth to four boys and I happened to be the first of this fold. 

To be honest, I had the luxury of knowing very early in my life that people especially elders walked around void of common sense. 

My mother took me everywhere she went to. I mean, every damn place. 

Now, I would hear people tell her that she doesn't have a child yet. 

I will be wondering inside my head if I and my brothers are not visible in the eyes of these people. 

One even told her that she doesn't have a child because she won't go for omugwo.

That is a supposed adult spiting another adult for not having a female child. 

Well, like I said: I learnt early enough that many people that I respected had no sense. 

Now, this society is warped. Parents invest time and energy into training their daughters while they leave their sons to be trained by the streets and movies. 

This is why we have many women beaters today. Many rapists. Many armed robbers. 

Mothers train your sons. They even need more training than the girls. 

They will easily open their mouths and say "he's a man now. He will be alright "

Na lie! 

He can't be alright if you don't show him all that is right.

It is not rocket science.  

What you sow is what you reap. Sow absence in his life. You will reap absence of common sense. 

My mother trained us in a way that one day she asked us if we hated her. All of us shouted yes!! 

I know she was hurt.  All she could say was: "I don't blame you people at all" 

When I reached puberty,  my mom will always laugh at me and say "so, if they call men now you will come out? "

I started wondering what I did to this woman o. 

She said that a man who can't cook isn't a man. 

A man who can't wash his plates after eating is not a man. 

A man who doesn't wash his family's clothes isn't a man. (My dad did this as a hobby). 

A man who can't arrange the bed where he woke up from isn't a man.

I knew that I was a different man from the other ones in my class. 

Boys need training more than girls. 

Boys are mad by default. 

If you don't start from the cradle to beat that madness out,  they will shame you with that madness one day. 

I asked my mother the day she started training me. 

My mother said it was when I began to bite her while having breastmilk.

No chill. 

She said that is violence.

She'll spank me and allow me cry.


I don't have time. I will write about me and my mother one day in one of my books.

This post isn't about my mother. It's about how to train a child, man or woman.

Home training isn't gender sensitive. 

Those days, you dare not hold her cane when she's flogging village people out of you.

You dare not go outside to play or watch ball.

You dare not eat and not wash your plate. 

You dare not eat in the morning without finishing your chores. 

That is how to raise a man! 

Don't leave him at the mercy of sexist movies and sexist society.

He will grow to be a rapist. 

I'm not even kidding with you.

Invest your time in training your male children. 

So they will be good husbands tomorrow.

Goodness isn't only for women. 

Goodness swings both ways. 

Train your male child today and save the society."

Am not a Man but honestly, I feel for them_


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